Telling a Story: In Snow

In Snow

Their sound: Textured instrumental
For fans of: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, Russian Circles

In Snow’s music doesn’t need words to tell a story. For Christopher Suda (electric guitar), the narrative speaks strongly. “I can’t speak for the rest of the band, but during (the time we were writing our album ef•fort), I was going through (and still am) a spiritual battle that I just couldn’t overcome, and this record helped me a lot.”

Likewise, Suda hopes through their music listeners find their own story and experience a sense of rest and “a way to cope to be honest.” “For myself I picture it that way, and I find it peaceful because of it, even if the music is loud and hard at times,” he says. “I hope whoever listens can take the time to process current and past events in their lives and construct their own narrative to our songs. In that way it is their song, too.” Michael Pocus (drums) expresses similar ideas: “Our music is meant to draw out any lingering thoughts of hope/despair/failures/triumphs and put them at the forefront of your mind so you can continue to live in this world today.”

The band started as a lighter, more acoustic strings project, but after a couple practices, Suda, Sam Porter (electric guitar/violin), and Brooke McCarley (bass) deemed drums necessary and added Pocus. “Sam was going to play violin and Suda was going to play piano, I think, but it turned into something heavier fast,” McCarley recalls. As to the name, it was inspired by an inscription in a book that Suda received, “BURN THE SNOW!” and they thought adding “In” to the front “would add an air of daunting foreshadowing,” Pocus says. The name also leaves their future as open as they want it to be. “I would like to keep exploring our sound,” McCarley says. “I think that is the best part about playing in such an experimental band. I don’t feel confined to any boundaries.”

  1. Eugenius Neutron
  2. The Burning Peppermints
  3. Anna Thomical of Zenosyne
  4. Rashid Qandil
  5. Jason Slatton
  6. Ashley Sankey and Company
  7. Creature Camp
  8. In Snow
  9. Lee Shook
  10. Gary Wheat
  11. Chris Hendrix

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