Jeff Nixon

Photographer: Kelly Steffey

Creator/Producer: Lindsay Garrett

Special thanks to Glenny Brock and The Alabama Theatre


The artistic talent in Birmingham is a fire, with a mélange of shades, temperatures, and ignition points.  This man is one of a few who have taken on the role of a fire keeper. With a decade invested in the Magic City music scene, he has seen enough of the swells and fades of the flames to know where and when to stoke it appropriately. He is of a rare, quiet breed who believes that the fan is just as crucial as the art itself. If your eyes are open, you can find him at almost every show or festival and can often catch him in meaningful conversation with a local artist at a coffee shop.

His arrival to the music scene began with the legendary Bottletree, and he started meeting and working with the major players like Merrilee Challiss, Alan Hunter, and even Representative Patricia Todd. He has forged a path of his own as a freelance manager, booker, and producer, putting his skills to work for events like Paint the Town Red, High Five Fest, and Sidewalk Film Festival.

August is a huge month for his ventures. His client, top local artist Jesse Payne, is set to release an album August 14th and headline High Five Fest on the 15th. In addition, he is heading up the production for all of the parties connected to Sidewalk Film Festival, which are each epic productions within themselves.

Everything he touches sparks a new blaze or stokes an old fire somewhere within the Magic City artistic community. He is loved and respected by every person he comes in contact with, and his smile sheds an incomparable light and love on everyone around him. With his calm but unrelenting enthusiasm for the arts put into action, he is a torch for us all to draw a fire from. No one can argue the impact he has on our community, and this is why Jeff Nixon is Birmingfamous. //

2 Responses to “Jeff Nixon”

  1. Nelson Wells says:

    Congrats, Jeff, and well done, Kelly. I’d say this guy is a bit more than Birmingfamous. 🙂 – Cheers, Nelson Wells Athens, Georgia.

  2. Judy Jones says:

    Not only is he talented and wonderful at what he contributes to our community, I know, from experience, he is fabulous to work with! My hope is that he keeps on keeping on in exactly the same way! Because Birmingham will continue being the better for it!!

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