Jenesis Write

B Yourself“What scares me the most is not trying. As unsure as I feel at times about if I can take on this dream, it hasn’t outweighed my fear of never trying at all. I’ve realized that my differences make me. I used to worry about every little thing that I was or I wasn’t, and that affected everything. But once I learned to believe in myself, who could deny me?”

—Jennifer Johnson, aka Jenesis Write 

Name: Jennifer Johnson aka Jenesis Write

Age: 31

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Describe your journey to becoming a vocal artist.
My journey was quite accidental! I thought I was supposed to be a classical pianist until I realized that I could match the notes on the keys with my voice. I was 7, so this was a shock to me. I was already writing, so boom—instant singer-songwriter. My passion never left me, so I just have to see it through.

Tell us about your music.

I released my first album, titled Lovespace, in August of 2009. It was under my old artist name, J. Michelle. My next album, Gone to Therapy, will release this summer!

As a singer/songwriter, what response do you hope for most from listeners?
That life has meaning and the music we lean on should express that. Music is more than a nice beat and catchy words. You should feel the music, not just hear it.

What’s your biggest achievement?
Stepping on stage every time I perform. It’s hard for me to share my soul with everyone.

Where can we find you perform locally?
I do more private events, but when I do decide to take stage, you can find me at the Merienda Lounge or Steel Lounge.

What keeps you awake at night?
What I experienced or what I saw or heard someone go through earlier that day. I replay things and songs form.

What are your words to live by?
“Just let go.”

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