Meet Aspiring Model Jesse King


Photo and interview by Angela Karen

Name: Jessie King

Age: 16

What word best describes you?


What word(s) would your best friend use to describe you?

Goofy, talented, kindhearted, and intelligent

How do you want to be remembered?

As a girl who set her heart towards something and never gave up even when things seemed impossible and succeeded.

What’s the hardest thing you ever had to do and why?

The hardest thing would be having to watch my grandmother suffer through lung cancer. Just seeing someone you love going through something so atrocious makes you feel useless because there is nothing you can do to help. I would stay home from school just to spend those extra days with her. She is no longer here with me, but I know she is in a better place.

What do you feel is one of the biggest stressors facing teenagers today?

Trying to find our place in society is what I feel is us as teens biggest stressor. As teenagers, we wonder how we are going to fit into this world. Society tells us one thing, and we believe another. Everyone is being told to be like this or act like that, and it puts loads of pressure on us. We see the successful and the unsuccessful people, and what we do right now determines which category we will fall into.

Summarize yourself in three words.

Musical, generous, loving

Who do you admire as a leader?

I admire Kate Middleton as a leader because she has paid a visit to the UNICEF Supply Division Centre in Denmark to help under privileged children from Africa. On St. Patrick’s Day she also took part in a military event, where she distributed the traditional shamrock amongst the guards belonging to Ireland. She is very selfless and an inspiration to young women.

What’s your personal philosophy?

Live your life and don’t try to live someone else’s. Spend time with your family because they love you unconditionally and they won’t always be around. Don’t let people influence you to do things you don’t want to do. It’s okay to say no. Lastly, never lose your faith in what you believe in.

When you were 7 years old what did you want to be?

I wanted to be an artist. I was obsessed with drawing and coloring.

If you could live in any other country for two years, where would you go?

I would probably travel to England. I like to read a lot, and most of the authors are from England. So, it would be interesting to see the difference in culture and way of life compared to the United States.

What motivates you, or keeps you awake at night?

What motivates me is that I have family and friends who care about me and would go out of their way to do anything for me. I’m apart of my high school band, and it has given me a place to fit in.

Who is someone you admire and what characteristic of his or hers do you want to emulate?

Jesus Christ. He gave his life for me and everyone else and I want to be that selfless that I would do anything for anyone who needed it.

Whether it is in a few hours or a few years, what person do you see yourself becoming?

I see myself becoming a person who is going to lead people in the direction of having a better, confident life.

What’s your favorite quote?

“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.” -Paul Bear Bryant

What is your biggest achievement?   

Being in B-metro magazine of course! It was such a surprise when I was told I was getting an article. This magazine will be the starting point of a modeling career soon to emerge.

What’s your current obsession?

The Bachelorette and The Bachelor

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Sweet tea


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