Joseph Casper Baker III

Photographer: Kelly Steffey

Creator/Producer: Lindsay Garrett

Shot at Boutwell Auditorium


Creativity rears its head in a multitude of ways in this melting pot we call home, and this innovator is using his ingenuity to bring change to areas of our city that often get passed over. He has taken on the role of torch bearer in a very important quest to recreate safe passage along the most dangerous intersection in our metropolis. He is the fearless lead organizer of Rethink 20/59, and he believes the Magic City deserves better. The mission of this grassroots effort is to eliminate the elevated portion of Interstate 20/59 through downtown Birmingham. The group advocates for any alternate configuration that is not a barrier, like a surface level or elevated road.

In addition, this pioneer is the founder of I Believe in Birmingham, a notable Facebook group that is designed to focus on creating community and positive change within our neighborhoods. He has served on the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and is a board member of Redemptive Cycles. In his spare time, he contributes selflessly to an array of causes, which are crucial to building solidarity and positivity to community morale. He has served as the technical adviser for Secret Stages and offered his services as volunteer for Brewfest, Sidewalk Film Festival, and a handful of other Magic City movements.

You never know where you can catch this super Birminghuman in action. He could be found rallying for change at a city council meeting, serving up drinks at a local brewery, enjoying a show at a Magic City venue, or commuting on his bike through downtown traffic. His heart is made of pure Red Mountain clay, and his blood runs with the nectar of Good People. He has dedicated his life to ensuring the future of our city is secure, bright, and up to current tech standards. These are the reasons we declare Joseph Casper Baker III Birmingfamous.

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