Josh Eats: Chicken and Waffles from Off The Rip


Written by Josh Byers
Photography by Beau Gustafson

For some reason, there are people out there who have a hard time with the idea of chicken and waffles. I guess it’s the whole sweet-savory combo that throws them off. But if you think about it, you like chicken and you like waffles, so why not put them together? And Off the Rip food truck definitely delivers high quality versions of this soulful Southern staple. There’s already a buzz behind what they’re serving up at the truck, which Richard Walker opened earlier this year.

You’ll also notice it’s not just chicken and waffle dishes on the menu. They specialize in breakfast items as well. One that stood out for me was the loaded smoked turkey sausage. It’s stuffed with ground turkey and bell peppers and topped with barbecue sauce. Yum, right? If you want to be traditional though, you can get a plate of all the usual suspects. Now on to the waffles…


These golden delicious creations are light and fluffy, like a cloud of pillowy deliciousness, and come in flavors such as cinnamon bun and red velvet. Their homemade syrup complements both the waffle and the chicken. Okay, what about the chicken you ask? Well, it has a crispy exterior and moist, tender inside.V51A0033

Off the Rip definitely knows what they’re doing. If you follow them on social media, you can find out more about where they’ll be each week. In terms of locations, you can catch them at several office buildings around Birmingham during lunch and on some nights outside of The Vault nightclub.

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