Kim Waites

Producer/Creator: Lindsay Garrett
Photographer: Kelly Steffey
Hair Stylist: MaryJane Clements Wahl
Wardrobe: Maacah Davis
Makeup: Lindsay Garrett
Videographer: Katie Gaiser

Special Thanks to Ruffner Mountain Preserve


April is a month of celebration of the world we live in, and who better than this woman to represent Earth Month?  She is Birmingham’s earthen goddess, and the seeds she plants for us are both botanical and existential in nature. Kim is one of the biggest influences on the Magic City green community. As the Alabama wilderness volunteer coordinator for Wild South, she is charged with a personal mission to encourage others to decompress and reconnect with their inner muse: Mother Nature. As a native of Birmingham, she is motivated to build the community by participating in local happenings. But she goes beyond personal participation by challenging others to not only seek out local restaurants and businesses, but to educate themselves on the ethical raising of livestock, self-reliance, and self-sustainability.  Her most significant current project is heading up a mission to build a team of highly motivated preserve rangers for Turkey Creek and Ruffner Mountain. Training for that begins this month. This beauty is one of the finest examples of embracing community on a more substantial and conscious level, and she is the epitome of individual empowerment. Her dedication to preserving and educating about the world we live in is one of the many reasons we think Kim Waites is Birmingfamous.

If you would like to learn more about Kim or how you can get involved in the Wild South Preserve Ranger project, visit



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