Late Night Ramen and More

Slurp it up at Shu Shop on 3rd Avenue

Written and Photographed by Beau Gustafson

Many years ago I used to sit with Jason Templin and watch as he made a fantastic array of great sushi and other Japanese dishes at Sakura in Five Points. Jason learned his craft well. For the last few years he has teamed up with Adeeba Khan, opening The Shu Shop, Izakaya and Ramen-Ya (a casual pub for after work drinking and dining), where you can drink sake, eat a tasty ramen bowl, and hang out and enjoy the company of your friends. Japanese cooking centers on the meticulous prepping of the food, which at the Shu Shop is combined with a concise rotating menu so that the focus remains on the art of preparation. I enjoyed the Soy Butter Scallops, and the Spicy Miso Ramen. Both of which were beautifully prepared.

Shu Shop is located in an old department store across the street from the historic Alabama Theatre on 3rd Avenue. They have an ever-increasing popularity in the year and a half since they opened, especially with the late-night crowd. The kitchen is open Monday through Wednesday from 5pm-11pm, and Thursday through Saturday until 1a.m. If you just want to hang at the bar, it is open until 2 a.m. 

*The name comes from the slang for the slurping noise made when eating noodles, as well as the slang for liquor or sake

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