One Big Potluck: The Audiovore Lee Shook

The Audiovore(Lee SHook)

His sound: A mix of adventurous modern music
For fans of: Everything from Randy Newman and Parliament-Funkadelic, to Burning Spear, Allen Toussaint, and LCD Soundsytem

As you might guess, The Audiovore (also known as Lee Shook) consumes a lot of music. “I used to like to say it’s music for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all meals in between, but now I just think of it as one big potluck,” he says. And a potluck is just what you will hear on his show on Birmingham Mountain Radio.

“Whether that’s talking about the avant-garde inclinations of the Grateful Dead through people like Phil Lesh and Tom Constanten…or the wild stylistic mashups of David Bowie, it’s all fair game,” he says. “The main goal has always been to present the listener with an entry point into their own further exploration…” Likewise, when spinning live, Shook loves to mix in Arthur Russell or Lizzy Mercier Descloux right after playing Sly and the Family Stone or Kool & The Gang and watch people dance to things they don’t realize they’re dancing to.

Along the way, the artists who have been on The Audiovore have blown Shook’s mind: Col. Bruce Hampton, Bob Bert from Sonic Youth, Dee Pop from Bush Tetras, and Brittany Howard from the Alabama Shakes. Off radio, Shook also promotes artists and venues, many of them local, by producing Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions live music videos for Birmingham Mountain Radio and Pepsi.

Shook’s buzz word for music is innovation. “(It) pushes the form forward in some way and challenges, or even explodes, existing notions about what music can or will be,” he says. “My favorite artists have always been the ones that made me question my own assumptions and biases and want to know what it was they were doing—on both a musical and intellectual level—and try and understand where they were coming from.”

  1. Eugenius Neutron
  2. The Burning Peppermints
  3. Anna Thomical of Zenosyne
  4. Rashid Qandil
  5. Jason Slatton
  6. Ashley Sankey and Company
  7. Creature Camp
  8. In Snow
  9. Lee Shook
  10. Gary Wheat
  11. Chris Hendrix


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