Liberty Park Living: Kim Lorberbaum-Fears and Matthew Fears

sept_bmetro_printThey were looking for a place close to family and even closer to the ideal of what they always envisioned as the perfect home; Matthew Fears and Kim Lorberbaum-Fears found what they were looking for in Liberty Park.

“We were attracted to Liberty Park because of the new homes,” Kim says. “But we first started our house hunting in Homewood, Crestline, and Mountain Brook because, moving from Kentucky, we heard that these are the “IT” areas to live. We loved these areas, but did not like the older homes because many of the homes needed complete renovations. And even then, these older homes would not have given us the interior space or the large backyard we were looking for. With our three fur babies and  hopefully a lot of children one day, buying a larger home with a spacious backyard was  very important to us.”

They kept looking until they found Liberty Park. “At Liberty Park, we truly have our own  community within Vestavia Hills. We have our own fire station, school system, shopping and many restaurants–how cool is that?! I think

as we get established in our new home and have kids, the amenities and the community of Liberty Park will benefit us greatly. We see that already with our neighbors who have kids,” Kim says. Kim and Matthew lead busy lives. He is an RN in an intensive care unit; she is a freelance  personal trainer, stylist, and interior designer.  The couple just relocated a few months ago.

For Matthew, the allure of Liberty Park lies in how much it reminds him of his childhood neighborhood. Yet there is so much more that attracted him. “Liberty Park is an awesome neighborhood with amazing and welcoming people. During this process of building our house, our soon-to-be neighbors have all been so helpful. Anytime we are over checking on construction, they go above and beyond to stop in and ask if we need anything or to  introduce themselves,” Matthew says.

“I really like that anything you need is right at your fingertips. Schools, sports complexes, medical offices, and even lakes and ponds.  And the neighborhood is very safe. You can go out at 11 p.m. or 3 a.m. and feel safe. You even see people exercising or walking the neigh-borhood, and the security guards are always around the neighborhood as well,” he says.sept_bmetro_priggnt

Kim and Matthew’s family consists of three pets: A West Highland White Terrier named Taz, an English Cream Golden Retriever named Nyla, and a Clumberdoodle named Harper. They love to eat peanut butter, ice cream and any left-overs the couple has on their plates. Matthew’s extended family lives in Butts County, Georgia where his mother is a pharmacist and his father is a superior court judge. Kim’s brother, his wife, and kids live in Homewood, and her parents live in Liberty Park,  just a five-minute walk from their new home. “It’s been super nice to be close to family,” she says.

At Liberty Park, the couple also found a wide selection of brand new homes built by a  respected homebuilding company that offered a tremendous choice of architectural styles and open floorplans, many with full, daylight  basements and large backyards. Most impor-tantly, their homebuilder worked closely with them so Kim and Matthew could create exactly the home style and floor plan they wanted.

In choosing a floor plan for their new home, the couple focused on creating a space that was “open, yet cozy, and inviting,” Kim says. Matthew was interested in a large backyard and a basement, and they found a Liberty Park lot that would accommodate both. Kim loves a lot of natural light and an open floor plan. “My style is modern glam so I crossed out a lot of floor plans that had the farmhouse style and feel,” Kim says. The floor plan that Kim chose “allowed me to deviate from the original layout and incorporate my design, vision, and style to really make this home ours.”

Kim and Matthew have really dug into their new neighborhood. Matthew’s hobbies include working out, fishing, going to the beach, going to the lake, playing with all three of his dogs, playing golf, running and just staying active, all things that seem to dovetail nicely into the neighborhood. Kim has gotten so involved in the neighborhood that she is a member of the Liberty Park Social Committee.  For this active, exciting couple, Liberty Park is the perfect place to make a home.

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