Lindsay Sunshine

A Woman On A Journey to Change Her Life Becomes An Inspiration for Others

Most of us struggle from time–to- time with accepting who we are, or dealing with weight loss issues or dealing with depression, but for Lindsay Sunshine, in the struggle to lose weight and to deal with other related issues, she has made a discovery, that it’s not just about losing weight, but it was about dealing with her depression and her emotional eating habits.    Lindsay’s story is probably not unlike many others.  She graduated college, got a job, got married, had children and decided to become a stay-at-home mom for a while. Her life appeared to be so happy.  But life often, is not always, as it appears to be for those looking from the outside in, and for Lindsay; her personal struggle with weight loss has hit her hard.  So she took matters into her own hands and began on a journey that she is chronicling in her blog.

I first met Lindsay through the social medium, Twitter.   We seem to have some things in common, mainly our alma mater, and like most people on social networking sites, we struck up a conversation, and I learned about her journey through her blog.   “I began this journey because I was tired of feeling the way I do about myself,” said Lindsay.   “I think for me that initially I embarked on the journey as effort to lose weight, but what I have found, is that it’s about a journey to discover a whole new me.”

Lindsay told me that she has never been one to reach out to others for help, but when began her journey, she researched and read a number of blogs and began thinking that she might want to write one too.   So she asked a few friends and tweeted about it and found that she had a lot of support in favor of blogging her way through her journey.   Blogging about her journey though, has definitely taken her out of her comfort zone.   “The biggest inspiration for me through the journey has been the support of others,” she added.  “I am finding it everywhere.  My family, friends and even strangers on Twitter have been very supportive of my efforts.  I am finding a lot of open arms out there and it’s nice.”   Lindsay has discovered in her journey to lose weight, it’s not about dieting, but rather about finding a healthy eating program that works for you and then sticking with it.   I for one agree with Lindsay, whenever I think about the word diet, I run away.    Instead, Lindsay goes on to add that it’s about making a change in your life that you can handle.   Which for her, is a whole new concept that she has to grab onto.  Lindsay added,  “I have been on a million diets, but I was still overweight. It has taken this journey for me to realize what the experts have been saying all along, ‘It’s about a life change’!”  In real life she says, and I happen to agree with her, that it is virtually impossible to cut something specifically out of your diet.  “You can’t just stop eating a certain food group and never eat it again in your life,” she adds. “The key is to limit the intake of those items and sticking with a healthy eating plan.   It makes it a lot easier. It you want a cookie, eat one and move on!”   It’s about making better choices and focusing on them for Lindsay.  She now chooses fruits and vegetables over the unhealthier foods and has discovered her cravings for the unhealthy foods has diminished.

As it is with healthy eating and making the decision to change your eating habits, when it comes to exercise, Lindsay says that finding an exercise program that works for you and sticking with it also is key.   “If you hate being outside, don’t be. If you hate the gym, don’t go.   Find something you enjoy that gets you moving and do it,” she added.   Since beginning her journey, Lindsay has tried a number of new activities such as running, hiking, Turbokick with a class, Zumba and she has even joined a gym.   All of which, she never tried before embarking on her journey.

Because of her weight loss journey, Lindsay also has discovered that she has had to deal with issues that she may not have expected to have to deal with before starting it.  Her depression is one of those issues.   She has struggled with depression since high school and has been diagnosed with clinical major depression.  She admittedly says that is tough to deal with.   She has dealt with it through medication and therapy, but says that therapy and medication have not been consistent treatments for her.   Lindsay pinpoints her depression as being directly related to her weight gain.   “With depression it is rough.  Some days you feel like a million bucks and feel like you can change the world. Other days you don’t even want to get out of bed.   For me it is something that comes and goes, but in the last few years it has been tougher on me emotionally,” she added.  “It has created a circle of destruction for me, I get depressed, I eat and the more I gain and the more depressed I become.”  Some days for Lindsay it is hard to be positive about anything, and when she got to the point where she hated everything about herself, she opened her eyes and said “something’s got to change.”  And so, she decided to take matters into her own hand and start her blog and journey.

So far, she has lost 15 pounds through making better food choices and exercising regularly.  She also is seeing a therapist.  Lindsay also told me that she also has begun taking her spiritual journey by attending church.

Her goal with her journey and blog is that she will inspire others to make changes in their lives for the better.   “You have to approach each day as its own day and one bad day doesn’t mean you have to give up,” said Lindsay.  “You have to try to make yourself happy.  No one in the world can do that for you, but you.  Just take the first step, and everything else will fall into place.  I also want people to know that they are not alone and help is out there if they are willing to reach out.”

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