Lindsey Shante

Photography: Kelly Steffey
Hair: MaryJane Clements Wahl
Makeup: Lindsay Garrett
Adornments: Anne Conway
Special Thanks to Don at Highland Music


With all the magic seeds being circulated by this Birmingoddess, it would be impossible to categorize her as just one thing. She is a teacher, artist, philanthropist, musician, and above all, a mother. Her roots remain planted in the natural lifestyle by promoting balance, health, and a personal relationship with the physical world around us. With her efforts foraging wild edibles, medicinal plants, and native floral arrangements, she is able to give back by supplying our local farmers’ markets and restaurants.

Her branches reach out even further into the creative community with her ties to Little Forest pop-up shops and Revive Birmingham efforts. She contributes to several local art and music projects, including fronting Helen of Coi, an inspiring synth pop duo of her own musings, which has been quickly gathering attention.

One of our favorite seeds she has in the garden will take bloom at the end of this month. It is Girls Rock Birmingham, a summer camp taking place July 27–31 that cultivates self-empowerment and positive identity development in girls through music experimentation, DIY media, and peer collaboration. Her efforts have wrangled up some of Birmingham’s favorite musicians to assist in teaching, leading, and uplifting a group of future female rockstars. The camp will be held at Saturn, with the finale kicking off the fifth anniversary celebration for Secret Stages.

With her ability to cultivate and nurture so much Magic City verdure, we think Lindsey Shante is next level Birmingfamous.

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