Pair This: Little Donkey’s Daily Tamal & Tequila Mockingbird

By Jan Walsh     

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Little Donkey is located in the heart of Homewood. And everything at Little Donkey is made here, including the masa. Ears of fresh corn are ground in a special machine daily for fresh masa, which is used in many dishes on the menu—from the tortilla chips to the desserts sauces. You can even order fresh masa by the pound for only $1.99.

Today I taste a sampling of their fare and cocktails to pick the best pairing. And I quickly found it. Fresh masa flavors burst forth in the Tamal appetizer. This handmade tamal also includes a different filling each day. Today’s choice is a hearty and tender beef brisket, which is mixed with the masa and then wrapped in cornhusks and steamed. The tasty Tamal is served on a bed of cornhusk with a layer of masa and bites of brisket rising from the plate. I pair this comforting appetizer with my favorite drink on their cocktail list—Tequila Mockingbird. This margarita is made of 100 percent agave tequila mixed with pineapple, cardamom, agave nectar, lime juice, and a touch of fresh Serrano, which integrate into one complex cocktail. This divine, on–the–rocks concoction perfectly balances the heat of the tamal—and is highly recommended.

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