Lloyd’s at 80


By Jan Walsh //  Photography by Beau Gustafson

Lloyd Chesser opened Lloyd’s Restaurant in Chelsea, Alabama in 1937.

Its current owner, Eli Stevens, previously worked with his father in their family business, Home Baking Company. He delivered bread to the restaurant three times weekly. And when Chesser retired he sold Lloyd’s to Stevens, who moved it to its current location on Highway 280 in 1978. Stevens’ wife, Pat, worked the front of the restaurant during the early years and kept the books after that.

From the start the most popular dish was the savory 16-ounce hamburger steak with gravy and onions. And 80 years later, it still is. Today it comes with French fries, baked potato, or onion rings, and a house salad. Following the hamburger steak in popularity is Lloyd’s fried chicken and the barbecue plate with ribs. But few can leave without dessert. Stevens’ background and expertise as a baker shows in every bite of their luscious chocolate and lemon pies.

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