Love Stories: Fate + Sarah Beth

DSC_9962When Fate Hudson, 25, first met Sarah Beth Dover, 26, they were both in middle school—and she stood about six inches taller than him. However, Fate knew there was something special about this girl, and when they reconnected after college, a romance as sweet as young love blossomed between them. Now, the pair cannot wait to tie the knot and take on life’s adventures, hand in hand.

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How did you two meet?

S: We actually went to middle school and high school together. We didn’t see each other much in college, but we met back up in Atlanta when his job moved him there.

F: My first impression when I met her was “This girl is out of my league!” 

What is your favorite thing about each other?

F: My favorite thing about Sarah Beth is her sense of humor.

S:  I love how supportive Fate is; he’s always encouraging me to do what makes me happy.

When did you realize you had met “the one”? 

F: When we were in middle school and she agreed to date me even though she was a good six inches taller than me.

S:  After I had gotten my wisdom teeth removed, my cheeks were huge—I mean, like baseball-sized—and he took care of me through it all.

SB + Fate pic from middle schoolTell us about the proposal.

S: We went to a St. Paul and the Broken Bones concert at the Alabama Theatre with some friends. While we were gone, our sweet neighbors decorated our house with hundreds of flowers, rose petals, and candles. So after the concert, I walked into the house and thought it was on fire! He then took me into the living room and asked me to marry him.

F: With help from good friends, I was able to pull it off. But to be honest, I was just as surprised at how beautiful it all turned out!

What was your experience like shopping for the ring at Diamonds Direct?

F:  My experience at Diamonds Direct was personal and intimate. They held my hand throughout the entire ring buying process.

S: I love my ring! It’s everything I have ever envisioned.

DSC_9796Now that you’ve found “the one,” what advice would you give to someone else about love?

F: Build a trusting friendship first.

S:  Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming out at a restaurant.

What are you most looking forward to about spending the rest of your lives together?

F:  Going through all of these new experiences together.

S: I’m so excited about our future. The best part is we don’t know what will happen, but we know it will be together.

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