Love Stories: Jason and Juliana

Love Stories: Jason & Juliana

The story begins with a southern gentleman who meets a New Yorker online, and as they connect, the map of their future begins to unfold. Jason Harper, 34, proposed to Juliana Rehm, 28, amidst the beautiful Italian landscape, a scene most would only dream of. But for this couple, their love is more than a fairy tale romance—it’s the real thing.

Photography by Foto Flash- I Fotografi Di Capri


How did you two meet?

Jason: We actually met through eHarmony. I guess it is still somewhat unconventional, but we couldn’t be happier with the results. I was at my house with two of my guy friends and saw Juliana’s picture and profile. I told them, “Look—she just looks sweet.” Our first phone call lasted about five hours, and the conversation was so easy. It felt right.


What makes your relationship unique?

Juliana: I am originally from upstate New York, and Jason is from Alabama—a pretty unlikely match based on where we are from—but we grew up in similar areas within our separate states and have so much in common. I am proud to say this Yankee is now a full-fledged Alabamian.


What is your favorite thing about each other?

Jason: She listens to me, she comforts me, and she supports me. She loves me even when I do not deserve it.

Juliana: Jason truly pays attention and listens; he’s so in tune with me, my feelings, and he generously gives me the attention, affection, and praise I need.


When did you know you had met “the one”?

Jason: During our dating, things just were easy. I’ve found a peace with her that is shrouded in love, care and respect. There wasn’t a flip-the-switch moment. As many times as I’ve heard it (and I hated to hear it), when you know, you know. It’s true!

Juliana: As I got to know Jason, I quickly saw he was different. From his first note on eHarmony, to our first phone conversation, to our engagement, he has been so thoughtful and has truly put me before himself. He is the person that I had prayed for, and God answered that prayer when He knew the time was right.


Tell us about the proposal.

Juliana: We got in engaged in Capri, Italy. I had no inclination that the engagement was even a possibility in Italy, as Jason had surprised me with the trip itself a few short months before. That day was an absolute fairy tale; he hired a private boat to take us around the Island of Capri, he had arranged the most romantic picnic lunch, and he even hired a photographer to (secretly) capture every moment of the day. I truly was caught off guard, and he absolutely went above and beyond!

Jason: During this day tour, we went to a private location—very rocky and gorgeous—where I asked for her hand in marriage. Soon before I knelt to one knee, we prayed together. We prayed for our future family, our current family, our friends, and for the Lord bringing us together. It was an emotional time for us both.


We understand your engagement ring has a unique surprise.

Jason: Karen at Diamonds Direct helped me in my quest to find a very small diamond, what I call the “for better or worse” diamond, that was as dirty and flawed as we could find. We placed this on the inside band of the ring as a testament of my love to Juliana.

Juliana: That evening after the proposal, Jason asked me to remove my engagement ring and revealed to me that the imperfect diamond hidden in the band was meant to symbolize “for worse” in our covenant of marriage, while the beautiful exterior diamond was meant to symbolize the “for better.” In a very emotional explanation, he told me that he would love and honor me, without question, all the days of our marriage.


Now that you’ve found “the one,” what advice would you give to someone else about love/relationships?

Jason: Don’t rush. Don’t confuse other emotions for love.

Juliana: Wait until you have found the one person you truly cannot imagine life without.


What are you most looking forward to about spending the rest of your lives together?

Jason: Traveling the globe, eating our way through a country, laughing for no reason. Sunday drives in my old green truck my granddad gave me.

Juliana: Experiencing everything in life together and building a beautiful life on the strong foundation we already have.


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  1. Donna Taheri says:

    This is such a beautiful beginning. I’ve met Jason and he’s such a wonderful young man! I love that he’s found his love, Juliana, and I wish them a long life of incredible blessings.

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