Love Story: Aaron and Emily


What started off as a casual meeting later led to a lifetime of love that couple Aaron Mahan and Emily Rosser never could have dreamed of. Little did they know that their small encounter would one day lead to a romance filled with nights dancing under the stars. This is their love story.

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

A: We first met at a party and were both in different relationships at the time. Emily was very mean to me.

E: He seemed like a nice guy…a little loud.

What is your most memorable date together?

A: I took Emily out to an abandoned golf course with a blanket, candles, and some music for a night out dancing under the stars.

E: The night we officially became a couple. He took me out to the middle of a field where we watched the stars while listening to Sinatra.



What is your favorite thing about your partner? Why?

A: She is one of the hardest working people I know and she keeps me moving on a path towards success. She cares for other people and I am happy to be one of those people.

E: He is very realistic, and I tend not to be. So, he brings me down to earth when I need it.






10What was your experience like shopping for the ring at Diamonds Direct? Tell us why you love the ring.

A: Yoni made getting and choosing a diamond easy and we were able to work with Emily’s notes to create the perfect setting for her. She loves it!

E: I knew that I would never want to purchase a ring from anywhere else… You just can’t beat that customer service!

Tell me about the proposal from your own perspective.

A: I took her to Jackson Square in New Orleans. We took a picture together like we always do and I asked our friend to take one more. I then got down on one knee and asked Emily to make me the happiest man on earth. She did so when she said “yes.”

E: He had been getting sick before the trip to New Orleans. The day of he seemed so ill and I later found out it was just his nerves. I was worried about him and tried to get him to rest but he pushed on and really wanted to get a picture taken by Jackson Square the way we always do. So, we got there and suddenly he got down on one knee. We then celebrated by calling our families and having champagne at Monty’s.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given about love/relationships?

A: “If we don’t study the mistakes of the future we’re doomed to repeat them for the first time.” –Ken M

E: “Marriage isn’t a bed of roses.”




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