Love Story: Dixie + Corey

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Photography by: Savannah Kay Photography

Love can bloom when you least expect it. That was true for Dixie Robbins, 23, and Corey Todd, 24, who met in a Bioethics class. They’ve created a scrapbook of memories from their 2 1/2 years of dating and are now ready to curate a lifetime of memories. This is their love story…

How did you two meet?

C: I met Dixie in Bioethics class. I noticed her from across the room on the first day, and I can remember thinking, “Man, she is beautiful, but totally out of my league.”

D: I saw him across the room too. It was my first day of college. Two weeks later I got the courage up to sit next to him in class.

screen-shot-2017-05-31-at-4-12-54-pmWhat is your favorite thing to do together as a couple?

C: My favorite thing to do as a couple is to travel.

D: I love anything that gets us moving and we can bring our dogs along with us!

When did you realize you had met “the one,” and that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other?

C: When Dixie made the remark that she couldn’t wait to tell our kids about the things that we have done together!

D: I really thought about my future with him, and we had only been together for six months.

Tell me about the proposal from your own perspective.

C: Oh man, the proposal was a process! It took me around four or five months to get everything together without Dixie knowing what was going on. When I got down on my knee and began to speak all I can remember is my emotions taking over and I began to tear up.

D: Everyone has their own dream of what their proposal should be, and he by far surpassed any dream I had ever had. It was Father’s Day weekend and all of our family was in town. I was surprised with a scrapbook that Corey had made of all of our memories. Once I finished the scrapbook, Corey came from around the back of the house, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

View More: was your experience like shopping for the ring at Diamonds Direct? Tell us why you love the ring.

C: At Diamonds Direct we found the setting that she liked and she fell in love with it!

D: I had seen the Kirk Kara setting that I wanted online so I knew exactly what I wanted. I love the ring primarily because Corey gave it to me and not to mention it is the most beautiful setting I have ever laid eyes on.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given about love/relationships?

C: A relationship has two sides, there has to be give and take on both.

D: Never give up. Life isn’t easy and neither is love. It’s worth fighting for.

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  1. Vicki Robbins says:

    Aaaww, my beautiful babies!! They are beautiful inside and out. I love them and their puppies with all my heart. They have such a sweet relationship and story. I am so proud of them and happy for them!! Our families have already melded into one. Theirs is an awesome bond!!

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