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Lynette and LarryCatching up with Lynette Mantooth

February 25, 2016 | View on Facebook

It all starts with a key—perhaps it’s a key piece of furniture or a key color story that sparks your inspiration for designing your home. For the past 30 years, Lynette Mantooth has turned these keys into beautiful rooms with her design company MantoothInteriors, downtown Homewood’s home design mecca since 1973.

“When you come into our store, you will see how we transform the way you live,” says Mantooth. She describes her team as having an “ear” for design, as each of her five interior designers make it their mission to truly listen to each homeowner’s needs and lifestyle habits.

“The real difference that Mantooth Interiors delivers is the way our experienced design staff listens to and works with our clients to bring their vision to life,” Mantooth explains.

Walking into Mantooth Interiors is a feast for the eyes: the plush sofas—some in luxe leather and even one in wild leopard print—along with the perfectly fluffed beds, one of a kind chandeliers, and vibrant abstract art invite guests to dream up their own design visions amidst the store’s unique vignettes.

Customers can choose to pick out their own furnishings or connect with the Mantooth Interiors design team for their expertise in customizing a gorgeous room for their family’s home.

“You never know whose home or life we have an impact on,” says Mantooth, smiling. “And most of the time, these clients have a huge influence on us as well.”

It all started with a key 43 years ago, and since then, Mantooth Interiors has unlocked the design potential in houses across Birmingham, creating spaces where families can spend time with each other and truly feel at home.

“I can honestly say that every morning I can’t wait to start my day at Mantooth Interiors,” says Mantooth. “It’s still thrilling after all these years. It’s good to be home.”

We stopped by Mantooth Interiors earlier this week to chat with Lynette Mantooth and her design team; get to know them in the video below, and stay tuned as we share more expert design secrets from the #MantoothInteriors team in the coming weeks!


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