Birmingfamous: Mary Berkley Gaines

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Move over, antiquated measurements of self. It is time to let go of those old self-demeaning attitudes, low body image, and personal insecurities. This woman is on the scene to let you know that YOU are beautiful just the way you are. With her, she brings masses of strong, confident, body-positive warriors who are determined to alter your perspective on “the norm.”

As a fashion-forward proponent for acceptance of bodies all shapes and sizes, she began blogging about her personal experiences as The Teal Siren. One day she received a letter from the father of a teen who was having trouble finding a dress for prom because of her body type. Through a simple blog post, the young reader not only found encouragement, hope, and empowerment, but also ultimately the perfect dress to complement her physique. After receiving an abundance of gratitude from the father of the girl, our subject realized that the topic of body positivity was bigger than her fashion blog. She immediately formed the Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham (BBBham) project.

The main objective of this effort is to retrain how people look at themselves and others. For an alarming amount of Americans, just existing can seem overwhelming simply because their appearance does not fit the mold of what society claims to be “normal” or “beautiful.” This is a harmful way of thinking, and our subject is determined to stand on the front lines of the war on individuality. This project was introduced and immediately gained the support in droves of passionate women and men who are set on changing the body dialogue in our culture.

Within less than a year of its conception, BBBham has developed into a full community of peers who support and love each other not in spite of, but because of their differences. Currently on the website you can find stories and photos told by human beings of all body types, races, genders, and cultural backgrounds, all centered around the personal journey of self-acceptance. The project is seeking a nonprofit status and has future plans to provide inspiration, resources, literature, classes, and workshops to anyone interested in the body positive movement. In her own words, “I just want to help as many people as we can”.

In addition to being recognized for her efforts with Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham project, this woman has been a significant supporter of the arts and music communities and has a soft spot for the DIY scene. You just can’t miss her incredible energy and an adorable laugh, both of which reflect a heart that could fill the void in Vulcan’s chest.

She is the warrior princess of the Magic City, resolved to bringing acceptance, self love, compassion, and empowerment to every body within the reach of her battle cry. This is one reason why we are delighted to call Mary Berkley Gaines BirmingFamous.

Photographer: Secret Playground

Producer: Lindsay Garrett

Makeup: Elyse Agee

Hair: Iman Sellers


2 Responses to “Birmingfamous: Mary Berkley Gaines”

  1. Carly says:

    “This woman is on the scene to let you know that YOU are beautiful just the way you are.”

    Just this morning, MB Gaines posted an internet meme on Facebook making fun of girls who wear ugg boots, leggings, and have their hair in a bun. One of her posse members commented calling these ‘type’ people a “Birmingcunt” and said they wear flowy sweaters in the summer. A week back, she posted something mocking women who wear a certain type of shoe. Her social media behavior completed negates what she claims she is on a mission to prove. I do think some very positive things have come from this movement, but it is disheartening to see her contradict herself by generalizing an entire group of people based on what they wear. Aren’t we supposed to love ourselves and be free to choose our wardrobe without judgment?

  2. Donna Bryant says:

    This beautiful lady has been fierce ever since I met her in elementary school!

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