Melissa Scott

Produced by Lindsay Garrett

Photography by Brad Lovell

Hair Stylist: MaryJane Clements Wahl

Makeup: Lindsay Garrett

Photographed at Sloss Furnace


The turn of the new year is often the time for reflection and personal assessment, and we can not think of anyone better to represent ringing it in with a positive sense of self and community. Her contributions are diverse: digging her hands into the heart of the body positive movement, rallying as a LGBT activist, practicing as a licensed certified counselor, and cheerleading as a supporter of the impressive artistic growth in our city.  She is also the leader of a yoga teacher training that focuses on finding one’s own authentic voice.

In 2016, she is launching those classes at an elevated level and offering Birmingham’s first advanced yoga teacher training, which will emphasize empowering teachers to be agents of change in their communities. This luminary is the creator of the #noshirtnoshoesnoshame campaign, a movement to combat the pervasive body shaming that our culture is obsessed with. She declares herself a body positive warrior and encourages us all to take on the charge of being confident in our individuality. She also assists with directing an inspiring, innovative dancing in the dark class called SOL Dance Experience. Her efforts are consistent, empowering, and positive, and the message she wants to convey is clear: You’re stronger than you think you are.

This woman knows how to motivate and inspire. She is not only a leader by action, but has the awareness of a team player. We are proud to call her our teammate and are excited to step with her into 2016 with a sense of personal celebration and confidence. She is mind and body strong, and the epitome of a Magic City enthusiast, which is why we believe Melissa Scott is Birmingfamous.

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