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KaleLocal business Message Point Media brings healthy eating to Pelham City Schools.

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When Pelham City Schools were struggling to encourage healthy eating and fitness amongst their middle and high school students, they knew they needed a new way to spread their message. The school’s child nutrition director reached out to Bryan Gilliom of Message Point Media, Inc., who immediately knew how to capture students’ attention in a commanding new way.

“Our goal was not to preach, but to build awareness and spark interest in broadening kids’ diets,” explains Gilliom, the president of the Birmingham-based media company. “So we built content that provided simple, small changes that kids could make to eat better and cut calories under a campaign we called EatWise.”

Bryan Gilliom

Bryan Gilliom

Via a set of televisions that were installed throughout the school, Message Point Media shared their dynamic EatWise content alongside school-focused information on athletics, news, and trivia.

“We pulled in content the students wanted to see alongside nutritional content to ensure the screens were able to hold attention over time,” Gilliom says of the project that combined personalized messaging and the persuasive power of television.

Pelham City Schools is just one of the many local organizations Gilliom and his team have helped—in fact, Message Point Media’s mission with every client is to get their message heard through the noise of everyday life.

“So many of the challenges we have today come from people not hearing each other,” says Gilliom. “Our clients have included cities trying to reach citizens, businesses trying to reach customers, and police trying to reach their officers.”

In a world where we are constantly inundated with communications, Message Point Media works to cut through the clutter and deliver clear, powerful messaging to the people who need it most. By providing clients everything from equipment, to design, to support, to maintenance, they have made TV communication their calling.

Pelham screen 1“It is nearly impossible for people to enter an area that has a television screen that is moving and not look at it,” he says, smiling. “We leverage this affinity to help client’s get their message heard and retained.”

And in today’s over-stimulated world, having your message break through is what it is all about.

Take a look at photos from Message Point Media’s EatWise project with Pelham City Schools below, then check out their website for more information about their communication services at

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