Mike Cunliffe

Written and Produced 

by Lindsay Garrett

Photographer: Kelly Steffey

Production Assistant: Lucie Davis


Move over Scarlett and Rhett—It’s time to pass the torch to the modern Southern love affair. This is more than a love between a man and a woman. It is the love between local film icon Mike Cunliffe and his locale: Birmingham, Alabama. Cunliffe has traveled the country and made his unique mark in a variety of places, but this city is where his heart has been captured.

His contributions to the local film and comedy scenes are more than indicative of his love of the city, but perhaps his greatest love letter to her is his feature film, It Is What It Is, set to release this fall. Indeed, Cunliffe’s passion for Birmingham will not soon be doused.

He is a true romantic when it comes to this Magic City, which is what makes Mike Cunliffe Birmingfamous.


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  1. Clayton says:

    I know this person. He’s more amazing than what could fit in a small article. At least a book or two is necessary. He’s one of the very best. Birmingham is better because of Mike Cunliffe. And I’m lucky to call him friend.

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