Miss Traveling Sexy Pants

I was talking with a fellow single lady the other day about the phenomenon of “trip sexy.” You know, kind of like “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”: going on a trip, having confidence, meeting guys, finding your sexiness and feeling attractive, etc. What is it about being out of town and not in your element that makes you have more gusto, mojo and just outright prowess? I’m not talking about sex … I’m talking about having “it” – that certain je ne sais quois that at home is otherwise lacking, for one reason or another. That certain “umph” that makes guys take notice of you, even when you aren’t meaning to make them do so.
I recently made a trip up to the Big Apple with some friends and experienced this phenomenon while there. Now, I am not the best at running game sometimes, but up there? Slap me twice and call me sexy … I had it going on! I felt attractive and engaging, and although this only lasted for a few days (the duration of the trip), I have to say – that was pretty awesome. I was like Intervention’s “huffer girl” – walking on sunshine! (if you don’t know the reference, YouTube)
From making eye contact and smiling at hot guys on the subway and the street, or successfully talking up a stupidly hot Abercrombie & Fitch model and an array of other lovely gentlemen at bars, I felt like I had the confidence to chatterbox anyone … out of my league or not. And these out of my league men were liking the confidence! Although this completely dissipated once the plane landed back in the south (I felt like Cinderella when it hit midnight), for a brief time, I had the mojo I am always wondering why I can’t seem to have on a regular day-to-day basis.
Readers, have you ever experienced this downright amazing phenomenon? What are your “trip sexy” thoughts? Why do you think we are more self confident outside of our normal confines? And why can’t we successfully bring this back with us?

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