Mom’s Favorite

SunnyBy Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown  

My mom has a favorite. Oh, she will try and deny it, of course. She’ll say that she doesn’t play favorites, and that she loves us equally. But she does have a favorite. And I know which one it is. She doesn’t really even try to hide it. It’s glaringly obvious, and anyone around her can see it. Her actions speak for themselves. I have to believe she doesn’t do it on purpose. But, just in case you are reading this, Mother, it is obvious which one you favor. In the interest of family harmony, you might want to consider being a little more aware of your words and actions.

Whenever my mom visits, everything is planned to accommodate the “special” one. Every consideration is given to their comfort. It’s all about the favorite. Our entire schedule is planned around meeting the favorite’s every need. Including all of our meals. We have to adjust our times and preferences to fit the favorite’s schedule. And she completely takes over the refrigerator with all of the favorite one’s favorite foods. But the special treatment doesn’t stop there. I have to give up my favorite spot on the sofa, too. She literally takes up the entire thing, spreading out a huge blanket all across it, so “the favorite one” can lounge on it, in my favorite spot. It’s like Mom totally forgets there are other people in the family who might enjoy a little of that same kind of attention and consideration. It’s especially noticeable when she makes such a huge fuss over the fact that she brought special treats and toys with her for that particular one. The favorite one doesn’t even have to share.

It wasn’t always this obvious that my mom has a favorite. It has become more and more noticeable over the last several years and now, it’s just a fact. Still, it isn’t easy for everyone else in the family to deal with. Especially when there is such an obvious display of affection; so much hugging and kissing and cooing and baby talk. Witnessing it is enough to make you sick to your stomach. She doesn’t even give her grandchildren this much special treatment.

If you don’t believe me, you should see all the photos she has of her favorite; that’s the real proof right there. All the photos on her phone are almost exclusively and overwhelmingly of the special one. When you point this out to her, she gets very defensive. But there are many more photos of her favorite than of the rest of us, so she really can’t deny it, even though she tries to come up with all kinds of arguments and reasons for why she doesn’t have any photos of everybody else. She tries to make out like it’s our fault, that we don’t send them to her. Well, we don’t send her the pictures she has of her favorite either; she takes them all herself.

And you should see the new clothes and accessories she buys for her favorite. I kid you not; she buys a whole new wardrobe every month. She is always arranging special times at the salon making hair appointments and nail appointments. This particular pet has become so spoiled they’re rotten.

You always hear that parents do not play favorites, but with my mom that just isn’t true. I guess it was inevitable. After all, they do spend a lot of time together. Actually, they are even beginning to look alike, just as they say pets and their owners always do. However, I will draw the line if they start dressing alike. The annoying thing is that my mom’s dog, Precious, knows she is the favorite. I can tell she does, and she rubs it in to the rest of us. In fact, she has begun to act very possessive of Mom, sometimes giving us a look that just taunts us, as if daring us to try and come between them. Even though it is annoying at times, I have had to come to terms with it, and I’m sure that my brother has, too. In fact, I guess I can understand it because, actually, I have a favorite myself, but don’t tell my kids. I am sure they don’t suspect. I take great pains not to give myself away. I’m very casual about it. I don’t want to seem too obvious, like my mother does.

I am thankful that my mom has her favorite this Mother’s Day since I won’t be there with her. And since I won’t get to be with my kids this Mother’s Day, I am glad that I have my favorite with me, too. In fact, it’s always good to have your favorite with you. And mine just happens to be a bottle of my favorite bubbly.

To all the moms out there—Cheers!

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