One on One: Butch Oglesby and Brooke Fleming

Butch Oglesby, Brooke Fleming

The creatives of Birmingham—you’ll find them at Birmingham  Art Crawl or the Pepper Place Market showing off creations that have been handmade with love. These are the people that keep Birmingham vibrant and moving forward. We brought together two such people this month.

Meet photographer Butch Oglesby

Butch Oglesby can’t remember a time he didn’t have a camera in his hands. After living in several states and spending nearly a decade in Europe, he opened BlueMoon Studios in Bluff Park. He takes photos of a variety of subjects including brides-to-be, business professionals, and real estate, and he is thrilled his hobby has turned into a profession.

Meet creative Brooke Fleming

Brooke Fleming is one of the founders of Birmingham Creative Roundtable. The group meets once a month at a different location in Birmingham with a different topic and speaker each time.

“This group was formed to connect and empower creative professionals at various stages of their careers,” she says. “Our goal is to foster strong creative community and enhanced learning so creative professionals can better achieve and sustain their individual business goals.”

What else are you involved with here in Birmingham?

Fleming: I’m a facilitator of CO.STARTERS, a 10-week course that teaches participants the ins and outs of how to start a business. This program is offered through Create Birmingham and REV Birmingham.

I also started quilting five years ago. I draw my inspiration from the local culture and landscape. I love to combine colors, fabrics, and patterns together to reflect southern nostalgia. These days, I show my work often at Pepper Place Farmer’s Market, Woodlawn Market, and other pop-up shops.

Oglesby: In addition to professional photography, I do fine art photography that captures scenes around the city including theatres, museums, and parks. I sell these at places such as Pepper Place and Birmingham Art Crawl. Birmingham is such a beautiful place to photograph.

Any parting words?

Fleming: Through Birmingham Creative Roundtable and CO.STARTERS, we’ve been able to see people collaborate and get energized. Birmingham is such a great place to live.

Oglesby: I’ve always believed in the philosophy you should do what you love to do and make a living out of it. I’ve felt I’ve followed my dream and done just that.

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