One on One: Glenny Brock and Nancy Tran

Our one on one conversation this month features two women who are passionate about food, the city, and the rebirth of the Lyric Theatre downtown.

One on One Sept.

Photos by Beau Gustafson

Glenny Brock loves asking questions. It is an occupational by-product of her career, which includes stints as editor of both Birmingham Weekly and Weld for Birmingham. She also teaches at Birmingham-Southern, her alma mater.

These days, Glenny has put a great deal of her energy into the campaign to restore the Lyric Theatre. Her grandparents owned cinemas in Northwest Alabama, so she comes naturally by her interest in classic old movie houses.

“The first time I saw the Lyric, I could not believe it existed and that hardly no one knew about it. I was so intrigued, I went there and just stayed until they gave me a job,” Brock says.

As of late August, $4.7 million has been raised toward the restoration of the Lyric. The needed goal is $7 million. Brock expects the Lyric to be back open sometime in 2014.

Some of the finest memories Nancy Tran has of growing up with her father revolved around food and picnics. Little surprise she made food, catering and picnics the center of her life. She created Green Central Station to feed that desire to develop great food and good times.

In the future, Tran plans to concentrate her focus on catering, creating memorable experiences for her customers, in much the same way her own life had been enriched by experiences with family and friends.

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