One on One: James Williams and Stacey Summerville

For many the journey to call Birmingham home can be one full of surprises. Some land here by complete luck and fall in love with the area’s people and culture. Others tell themselves they’ll move away and yet something tugs them back. This month, we brought together two Birmingham professionals enjoying all the city has to offer.


Meet James Williamsone-on-one-2

After starting out as a graphic designer, Williams worked his way up to becoming creative director at Birmingham Museum of Art. He handles design and production of all communication materials, which is everything from small flyers to billboards. He’s also in charge of the museum’s many unique exhibits.

Meet Stacey Summerville

Summerville is the showroom manager at Inline Electric and Lighting where she manages the company’s Pelham showroom and works with builders and designers doing whatever they need in the electric and lighting world. She has a bachelor’s degree in interior design and an MBA from the University of Alabama.

What do you love about your profession?one-on-one-1

Williams: I believe in the value of the arts, and the museum is my temple. I’ve always been a curious life learner and enjoy being around curators who bring a wealth of knowledge about art. There are always fascinating people around me to work with.

Summerville: If you don’t like what you do it’s not easy to wake up in the morning. I enjoy getting to work closely with contractors and homeowners for hours on end, picking out lighting and details. One of my strengths is I can work and get along with a lot of people.

What is your experience with Birmingham’s revitalization?

Williams: Growing up in the suburbs of Birmingham, downtown was always this “other” place. Now there are so many things going on each weekend I have trouble choosing what to do. It’s a comfortable, affordable place where you’re able to take trips and get a taste of other cities and then come back home and appreciate what is here.

Summerville: I moved here right at the beginning of Birmingham’s revitalization. There’s always a new restaurant, a new brewery, a new exhibit. You don’t feel like you are in Birmingham, but you are. I’m always looking for ways to get Inline involved with the local community.

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