One-on-One: Matt Kilpatrick and Will Pearson


Matt Kilpatrick, Craft & Imports, Birmingham Beverage and Will Pearson, Founder Mental Floss Magazine

The topic was beer and obscure knowledge. Or maybe it was obscure knowledge about beer. Either way, this month’s One on One conversation was a lot of unexpected fun.

Will Pearson founded the magazine, Mental Floss, while he and co-founder Mangesh Hattikudur were undergrads at Duke University. The idea for a magazine that catalogues and displays knowledge — obscure, everyday, fascinating, funny — became a hit. In fact, its mix of sharp writing, quirky knowledge and fun became such a hit, it attracted big bucks  from Felix Dennis, founder of UK publishing giant Dennis Publishing, who purchased the company last year. Pearson remained with the magazine and works now to broaden both its range of products (apparel, games, etc.) and consumer awareness.

Matt Kilpatrick is a craft beer enthusiast who is passionate about all things beer, constantly sharing his knowledge and love of beer with others. With over five years experience, Matt serves as liaison between breweries and the Birmingham Beverage sales force as the Craft and Imports Manager. Through this position and his passion for great beer, he creates a synergy that helps consumers learn about the true flavor and unique tastes of different brews. Matt is responsible for cultivating these relationships to bring together breweries and retail outlets to provide the finest choice of brews to consumers.

Matt received his bachelor’s degree in Operation Management through Quality in Systems from the University of Alabama. Through Birmingham Beverage, he enjoys working with the Birmingham and Montgomery zoos, as well as volunteering with Junior Achievement, Juvenile Arthritis and The Exceptional Foundation. Matt is competitive at heart and enjoys any activity where he can win, as well as spending time with his wife, Tiffany.

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