Papa Vince

PureGet a taste of my favorite olive oil. 

Written by Jan Walsh 

Photography by Robin Colter


Welcome to Pure! This is a new monthly column featuring my favorite organic and non-GMO finds around the metro area. From locally made honey and handmade soaps to extra virgin olive oils and organic restaurant dishes, I will share my favorites here each month. 

Our first featured food is Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). I cannot take credit for finding Papa Vince; it found me. It all began when my son, Jordan Copeland, was shopping at Apple Market in Pensacola, Florida. He passed a lady pouring her olive oils, who asked, “Would you like a taste?” Too hurried to do so, he declined. Then as he walked past her, she added, “Are you sure? My family makes them in Sicily.” He stopped, met Vitina Feo, tasted the oils, and was amazed. And after learning this was the first market to carry the oils in the U.S., he immediately called to let me know she was sending a bottle to me. Soon afterward, the EVOO arrived, along with an email and note of gratitude.

I fell in love with the Papa Vince EVOO on first taste. Soon afterward, I had Feo send a bottle to Andy Virciglio for consideration in Piggly Wiggly stores. He picked up the oils in their Crestline, Homewood, and River Run locations. Feo and her husband, Stefano, began coming to Birmingham from Gulf Shores—where they and the business are located—for biweekly tastings. And since then, other stores have picked up the oils, including Honey and Spice, Organic Harvest, V. Richard’s, Western Supermarket, and Whole Foods. They are also sold in other Alabama and Florida locations.

Papa Vince oils are not mass-produced, but are 100% Mono-cultivar, single origin, organic extra virgin olive oil. This robust EVOO is unfiltered, raw, and alive with a polyphenol count of 392. Made from Noccellara del Belice, Castelvetrano olives, since 1935 under the careful guidance of Papa Vince, it is grown, harvested, pressed, and bottled in Sicily, and is certified USDA Organic. It is obtained from the first press of fresh olives—no blending, no mixing, no GMOs, no tainting of the original fruit. The oil offers notes of basil, pepper, and artichoke and boasts a lovely clean finish. Papa Vince comes in two sizes, 500 ml and 100 ml. I don’t leave home without the small bottle to take into restaurants with me.

Not only does Papa Vince EVOO taste delicious, it offers health benefits. Two tablespoons per day of this oil—naturally filled with monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants—can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, and provides anti-inflammatory benefits to those who suffer with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, or asthma.

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  1. Jennifer German says:

    Found this oil through FaceBook and ordered a sample. As soon as I tasted it I ordered two bottles, then another two for our children (one of whom is a B’ham artisan, , THEN I needed two more bottles for us! Papa Vince is a regular now in my kitchen

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