Personal Space: Dan Drinkard

A one-on-one conversation with Dan Drinkard of Seasick Records

Dan Drinkard, owner of Seasick Records in Crestwood, was born and raised in Memphis, but he has also lived in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Drinkard moved to Birmingham in April 2013 and opened Seasick that November. A month earlier, he had married his wife, Amy, and they have a three-year-old daughter, Everett.

B-Metro: When did you first realize the importance of music?

Drinkard: When I was in elementary school I would hang out at my friend’s house across the street and we would listen to his older sister’s CDs. It was right in the middle of the grunge/alternative boom of the early ‘90s and I was hooked. But it wasn’t until I was 12 or 13 and moved to Costa Rica that music truly became important to me.

I had always grown up playing sports and was never a shy kid, but the language barrier of living in a Spanish-speaking country caused me to dig deeper and deeper into music. I didn’t have to talk to anyone while sitting in my room playing guitar or listening to music. From that point on, my life has revolved around music.

B-Metro: What do you think of as the best things about your store?

Drinkard: I think the community aspect of our store is the best part of it. We’ve tried really hard to make our space open and welcoming to anyone and everyone. People have such varied musical tastes and we want people to feel welcome whether they like obscure noise records or the latest pop star.

B-Metro: What causes people to want to experience vinyl again?

Drinkard: I think people really are just tired of digital bombardment. You have the whole world at your fingertips, and that’s great, but it’s not tangible. The thrill of digging in the bins of a record store and finding something you’ve been looking for forever is unlike any other musical experience. Browsing playlists on Spotify will never compare to purchasing a physical copy and taking it home.

B-Metro: What is your personal favorite music?

Drinkard: This question is almost impossible to answer. I listen to music all day every day and it varies so much. I will say that lately I have been exploring jazz, Latin, and soul music more than ever before. I also have started going down the giant rabbit hole that is The Grateful Dead. As far as my personal favorite music goes, it depends on the day. 

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