Piece by Piece

What we can learn from Kelly Clarkson.

Photo by Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Photo by Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

By John Croyle

Recently, Tee and I were watching an episode of American Idol. The guest judge that night was Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol, who has gone on to become a very successful performer and recording artist. She was there not only to be a guest judge, but also to perform her most recent release, “Piece by Piece.”

In her song, she shares about her childhood. Her father abandoned her when she was 6 years old. The last thing she remembers as a small child was his back as he was walking away.

Then she gets to the bridge of the song, where she talks about her daughter:

Piece by piece I fell far from the tree

I would never leave her like you left me  

She will never have to wonder her worth  

Because unlike you I’m going to put her first  

And then she goes on to talk about her husband, and the relationship between him and their daughter.

He’ll never walk away 

He’ll never break her heart 

He’ll take care of things 

He’ll love her 

Piece by piece he restored my faith 

That a man can be kind

And a father can be great

Clarkson covered a lot of ground with this song. She promises to always be there for her little girl. She will never leave her like her father left her. She is now married to a man who is a great man, husband, and father. She made up her mind that she would break the cycle of abandonment, abuse, and neglect. She would never have her little girl experience the feelings of worthlessness that she had to endure growing up.

You might be asking how this applies to you. But just ask yourself what you are possibly transferring (knowingly or unknowingly) down to your children that you know is unhealthy. What have you done or not done with your children that you promised yourself when you were little you would never pass on to the next generation?

Since 1974, we have seen nearly 2,000 children with broken hearts. Most every child who has called Big Oak home has had a parent in his or her life who broke promises. And most of the time, those parents were actually children who were betrayed when they were young. They are simply passing on what happened to them instead of deciding to break the cycle.

If there are things in your life involving your relationship with your spouse or children that need to be changed, could I challenge you to make up your mind and do what you can to change direction? Most of the time when you make up your mind to make a change, you can do it! But if you ignore the issue or don’t try, I can give you a 100 percent guarantee it will not go away or change.

Let’s make now the time that you decide to go in a different direction with your life in the areas that truly matter. I would encourage you to ask the Lord for help and guidance—and then get to work! It only happens if you make up your mind and start working on your repair, piece by piece.

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