(practically) perfect

Paula Coldiron’s easy-going style creates a space that is very family friendly.

Written and photographed by Graham Yelton

Paula Coldiron homeYou can tell a lot by a person’s home. How they live. What they value. Who they value. The Coldiron home is no exception. Paula Coldiron, blogger, decorator and photographer extraordinaire, has created a home that is a perfect reflection of its inhabitants. Her style is not so much a look, as it is an easy–going philosophy that almost anyone can subscribe to.

Kids and Decorating

The first thing you notice upon entering their cozy cottage, is the presence of kids. Rather than have a separate playroom for the kids, the family shares the common areas of the home. Stylish mini Bertaoi chairs easily turn the antique marble coffee table into a play table. Various Lego masterpieces act as decorative accessories in almost every room. Daughter Ellie’s brightly colored books are found neatly stacked on the living room fireplace. “Although I like our home to look a certain way, I also want it to represent the kids. I want our home to truly reflect them, too.”

On the other hand, many parents may be struggling with how to make their home look less like kids and more like adults. When asked how she keeps such a pretty house with two small children, she responds, “It’s simple… One, they have been raised around nice things so they tend not to focus on objects like the glass orbs by the fireplace. (They have yet to even pick up one). The inevitable thing will break or get ruined, and I just have to be okay with that. I try not to fret on keeping things looking too perfect.” With this in mind, Paula has a clever plan for organizing and hiding clutter.

The cabinet in the dining room is full of lovelies up top but in the drawers below, there is a plethora of art supplies. The wooden dough bowl under the equestrian portrait is stocked with Nerf pellets for the Nerf wars that happen almost daily.

Paula continues, “I try to ask myself before I buy something, ‘Is this too precious?’ If it breaks will I get over it quickly? Are the fabrics on the furniture durable and washable? Are the lamps heavy enough to keep from toppling over when they turn them on? Will that table also double as a good fort?”

One Piece at a Time

As the family of four has grown up, so has their nest. Paula admits that it has taken years to hone in on their style. Her process may be slow, but her approach is easy. “If it speaks to you then get it.

It doesn’t necessarily have to ‘go’ together. If you love it then there is always a way to make it work.

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