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B-Metro retail displayBirmingham retailers, B-Metro has an exciting opportunity for your store!


B-Metro, the Birmingham region’s best monthly magazine, is attractive, relevant and interesting. The magazine is full of great color photos and content that is always local, local, local. That is a winning combination at the newsstand.

B-Metro is expanding outlets through an innovative program that targets appropriate retailers to share in our success. No inventory investment is required. Profit for the business owner is $2.50 per magazine sold. B-Metro retails for $4.99. The magazine is offered on consignment and you only pay for copies actually sold.

We have developed an attractive counter display that takes up very little space but highlights our colorful bold covers in a way that is sure to catch the eye of your customers.


If interested, please contact our Distribution Manager:

Tom Armstrong

Distribution Mgr

28322 Hwy 22, Verbena, AL 36091

[205] 492-0756


Betty McCollum

Asst.Distribution Mgr

6807 Green Acres Ct, Pinson, AL 35126

[205] 680-5061

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