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aPorch 2The Verandas Cabin

June 10, 2015 | View on Facebook

There is nothing we love more in the summer than spending time at the lake, and for many in Birmingham, their lake retreat is Russell Lands On Lake Martin. Today, we’re getting lakeside design inspiration from the newest cabin to the area, the Verandas Cabin in the Russell Cabin neighborhood.

“Living at the lake is all about casual comfort,” says Nan Jackson, who has been decorating cabin homes in Russell Lands for 7 years. “The Verandas Cabin brings the outdoors in and makes you feel like you’re someplace really special.”

With every cabin they decorate, Jackson and her team draw inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding them—from bringing in the rich browns and greys of the trees to incorporating real wood treatments in unexpected ways.

“We are known for combining various species of woods inside the cabins,” explains Jackson. “In one home, we could add pine ceilings, rough cedar beams, and even treated bark as the backsplash on a wet bar. We’re all about experimenting with natural textures and finishes.”

And when it comes to the Verandas Cabin, the backdrop is only the beginning.

aMaster bedroom“The minute you walk into the cabin, you’ll find an open living area with high ceilings and big windows overlooking the lake,” says Jackson, who explains that one family fell in love with the Verandas Cabin during the building process and purchased it on the spot.

“We worked with the new homeowners at that point to bring their personal style into furnishing the cabin,” says Jackson.

Her design secret? She sources her furniture exclusively from Seibels in Homewood, which specializes in rustic pieces ideal for lake living.

“The owner, Kelly Seibels, uses local, hand-crafted furniture pieces,” Jackson says. “I especially love the gorgeous wrought-iron and leather chandeliers we used in the den—they really fit the look of the cabin.”

The Verandas Cabin also features not one, but three, porches that offer seating, dining, and direct entrance to the dock, inviting family and friends to gather throughout the home for a relaxing time spent around Lake Martin. After all, isn’t relaxation what the lake is all about?

If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing a home or vacation home at Russell Lands On Lake Martin, visit their website at

7Chuck Wagon Cookout

June 17, 2015 | View on Facebook

Birminghamians got a true taste of summer at the fun and festive Chuck Wagon Cookout at Russell Lands On Lake Martin. Guests enjoyed authentic Chuck Wagon food and drinks amidst the gorgeous lake surroundings.

“After guests toured the just completed Verandas Cabin, fully furnished by Seibels, they were introduced to the beautiful horses as soon as they entered the Ridge Barn,” explains Janet Price, Director of Marketing at Russell Lands. “Then, they watched as homemade fried apple turnovers were made and cooked over an open fire while live music filled the pasture surrounding the barn.”

A favorite amongst guests was the specialty cocktail—the “Sassafras Gunslinger”—served up by bar specialist Will Abner of SpringHouse restaurant. Attendees sipped on the sweetly southern concoction while getting first glimpse of Paddock Point, the newest phase of Russell Cabins at Russell Lands.

“Russell Cabins has been very popular since its launch, so there was much excitement to see what the next phase would be,” Price said. “18 building sites were released, and 8 of those have already sold since that time.”

Russell Lands calendar of eventsIt only takes one visit to Russell Lands before Birmingham families fall in love with the area and want to make one of the cabins their own relaxing retreat on the lake. One of the best ways to experience a fun, stress-free getaway of your own is by attending the various events Russell Lands holds throughout the year.

“It’s all about lake living,” Price said. “Some of our events are water focused, some are food focused, and others are music and art focused—there is always something going on at Russell Lands On Lake Martin.”

Price has shared with us a calendar of events that we’re passing along exclusively to our Facebook fans. Take a look and mark your calendar!

“Whether you are visiting for the day, looking to purchase a home, or are already a resident,” Janet pauses. “We want your time spent in our community to be special and memorable.”

Find out more about lake living at Russell Lands On Lake Martin at

willow glynn 0989Top 3 Lake House Trends

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“I’ve found that the new Russell Lands cabins offer a place for families to reconnect,” says Chad Calhoun, builder with Classic Homes. “It reminds parents and grandparents of their own childhood and the time they spent on the lake growing up.”

Calhoun has been building lake houses at Russell Lands On Lake Martin for the past nine years, and in that time, he has seen countless Birmingham families find their home away from home on the lake. These houses are more than places to get away for a lazy summer weekend; they are where a lifetime of family memories are created and shared.

The homes are rustic and cozy, yet elevated with the latest amenities the modern family needs. We’re interested in how Calhoun achieves that signature “lake living” style in Russell Lands, so he’s sharing his Top 3 Trends for Lake Houses:

1) Bringing Nature Indoors
“The use of natural materials, like stone and wood, can be found in many of our homes,” says Calhoun. “Using these materials on the exterior allow a house to be seen, but still fit amongst the trees and landscaping.”

2) Smaller Home Footprints
“Bedrooms are for sleeping, and porches are for living,” laughs Calhoun. “Lately, we’ve seen that homeowners are preferring smaller homes with open floor plans that capitalize on the views and lake experience.”

3) Craftsman Style
Says Calhoun, “This rustic style uses columns, large porches, and exposed rafter tails—features that were found in the early 20th century and add character to the lake houses.”

Chad Calhoun with his family on Lake Martin

Chad Calhoun with his family on Lake Martin

A warm, inviting home sets the stage for family and friends to gather around and make lasting memories. And when you’re surrounded by a sparkling lake, a welcoming community, and sunset views each evening, it isn’t hard to feel right at home.

“A big draw of Russell Lands On Lake Martin is the sense of community that we are building,” says Calhoun. “It becomes more of a lifestyle experience, rather than just a lake house.”

Learn more about the beautiful lake homes of Russell Lands On Lake Martin by visiting the website

Kaldrovics 4Family Focus: The Kaldrovics

July 1, 2015 | View on Facebook

Meet Rick and Kara Kaldrovics, who have called Lake Martin home for nearly a decade. After settling into their careers and life in Atlanta, the couple was ready to buy a vacation house. A dream of lake living quickly brought them to Russell Lands On Lake Martin.

“I was born and raised in Birmingham, so I’ve enjoyed Lake Martin on several visits through the years,” says Kara. “I was immediately drawn back to Alabama and Lake Martin.”

Though he grew up north, it didn’t take long for Rick to also get used to life on the lake: “I had never been on the lake,” he says. “I saw the beauty of the land and lake and was instantly on board.”

The two found their dream lake house at The Ridge in Russell Lands in 2007; since then, they have been returning several times a year for relaxed weekend getaways and Russell Lands neighborhood events.

“There are so many reasons we love our lake home and being in the Russell Lands community,” Kara smiles. With well-designed neighborhoods, winding nature trails, a marina, and swim and tennis amenities, Russell Lands delivers a rich community-focused experience within a gorgeous lake environment.

“It is always pleasant to come back to the lake, and we are proud to invite family and guests to our neighborhood,” says Rick. “It will always feel like home.”

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