A Farmhouse Built by Scotch Homes

Wayne Scotch of Scotch Homes

Wayne Scotch of Scotch Homes

Part I: Breaking Ground on the Farmhouse

November 18, 2015 | View on Facebook

When Wayne Scotch got a call from a client who wanted his building company Scotch Homes & Land Development Group, Inc. to construct a custom farmhouse from the ground up, he knew he was in for a special project. The client, JoAnne Headrick, had just purchased a 109-acre property in Columbiana, and she saw big potential in its future.

“The home was not going to be any run-of-the-mill design,” says Scotch. “JoAnne was looking for a very custom farmhouse and barn design that brought her back to her roots, yet still had modern amenities.”

Scotch took inspiration from the surroundings—stretches of gently sloping pastures dotted with 100-year-old oak trees and a sparkling pond—when designing JoAnne’s dream farmhouse. In a previous life, the landowners operated dairy farm, and their historic barn still remained on the lot.

“JoAnne wanted to include any materials that could be salvaged from the existing barn on the property,” explains Scotch. “As a team, we decided to use the reclaimed wood from that barn to make the doors and shutters for the new barn we’re building.”

Scotch explains that his team takes a very hands-on approach when working with clients to ensure their vision is being realized every step of the way.

The original barn on the property.

The original barn on the property.

“We like to think outside the box on our custom homes,” says Scotch. “We try to offer creative ideas for our clients to incorporate into their dream home.”

As the construction begins on the farmhouse, Scotch and his homebuilding team will be developing unique solutions for JoAnne’s home, such as incorporating a rebuilt 1915 stove into the kitchen and paving a nearly 1500-foot driveway leading to the front door.

Says Scotch, “We have built a large amount of custom homes, but there is something very peaceful in being a part of this project that reminds us of a simpler time.”

Join us next week as we check in with homeowner JoAnne and share more homebuilding updates with Scotch Homes on building the farmhouse. Check out photos from the start of the farmhouse’s construction below, and visit the Scotch Homes website at www.scotchhomes.com

exterior work in progressPart II: The Farmhouse Takes Shape

November 25, 2015 | View on Facebook

Last week, we shared a local homebuilding project in which Scotch Homes & Land Development Group, Inc. had started building a farmhouse from the ground up. Now, we’re sitting down with homeowner JoAnne Headrick to learn more about her dream of countryside living.

“My mother was raised on a farm in North Dakota, and she has always told me stories about farm life,” she says, smiling. “For my family to experience even a small part of what my mother did is what I am hoping for. When I bought this piece of land, I knew didn’t just want a house, I wanted a homestead.”

Headrick's daughter shows off the property's root cellar.

Headrick’s daughter shows off the property’s root cellar.

With a vision for an authentic, rustic home that hearkens back to a simpler time, Headrick understood that finding the right builder for the job wouldn’t be an easy task. But the moment she met Wayne Scotch of Scotch Homes, she instantly knew she had found her match.

She says, “Other builders wanted to know what kind of house I wanted; Wayne Scotch wanted to know my vision. Other builders met me in their office; Wayne met me on my land. Other builders wanted to show me what they could do; Wayne wanted to know what I wanted him to do. In a nutshell, he just ‘got’ it.”

As construction on her farmhouse progresses, Headrick is most excited about the unique, historical details Scotch’s team has been able to infuse into the home’s design, like the restored 1915 iron stove and the custom Dutch door leading outdoors.

“Wayne’s wife Stefani found an old cast iron well pump in an antique store in Cullman,” she explains. “It was made about the same time as my stove, so she purchased it and had it refurbished so I can manually pump from my well!”

The water pump Stefani Scotch found

The water pump Stefani Scotch found

It won’t be long before Headrick’s farmhouse will be ready for her and her family to move into and embark on life on the homestead—something she couldn’t be more thrilled about.

“The kids want a full barnyard of animals: cows, horses, pigs, you name it,” she says, laughing. “I remind them that we don’t know how to take care of those animals, but we’ll start with chickens and see how that goes.”

Check out the latest photos from the farmhouse build below, and join us next week as we wrap up our homebuilding series with an update from the finished home! See last week’s post at b-metro.com/scotchhomes

2Part III: A Finished Home

December 2, 2015 | View on Facebook

Have you been following along our homebuilding journey with Scotch Homes & Land Development Group, Inc.? This week, we’re wrapping up the series and are excited to show you homeowner JoAnne Headrick’s finished farmhouse.

Headrick first approached Wayne Scotch and his team with her dream of building a custom farm homestead on a rural property outside of Birmingham she had just purchased. After weeks of building from the ground up, the end result is a rustic, beautiful home and barn for the Headrick family to enjoy.

“We have truly loved every minute of being a part of this custom farmhouse project,” says Scotch. “We have been able to do more than just build a house; we have been able to create a home that will hopefully be a refuge from JoAnne’s everyday hustle and bustle.”

Building a home on a rural piece of land isn’t without its obstacles, however. During construction, several visitors from the wild—including turkeys, deer, and beavers—would scurry across the site, which made for a unique, albeit entertaining, experience for the Scotch Homes team.

Once the home began to take shape, Headrick brought in the expertise of interior designer Bee Little, who introduced a warm, cozy feel to the inside of the farmhouse.

“JoAnne had lots of pictures of the farmhouse style that she was trying to create in her dream home,” Little explains. “So when deciding on paint colors and materials for the home, we were able to incorporate that look into our selections.”

Designer Bee Little

Designer Bee Little

From the refurbished 1915 stove in the kitchen to the claw foot tub and antique vanity in the master bathroom, each corner of Headrick’s home captures the rustic simplicity of farmhouse living.

Says Little, “The home is so welcoming, and it’s the perfect complement to the beautiful setting.”

Scotch agrees, noting a few of his favorite elements as the floor-to-ceiling stonework, custom Dutch door, and farm-style millwork throughout the house.

“But what tops it all off,” he says, pausing. “Is when you look out of each window in the house, there is a breathtaking view of the pastures, trees, and pond. It is like you are on your own private peace of heaven.”

Take a look at photos from the finished farmhouse below, and read the rest of our homebuilding series at b-metro.com/scotchhomes

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