Pair This: Seasons 52’s New Old Fashioned & Lobster Ravioli

SavorBy Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

I always look forward to getting a taste of Seasons 52 Fresh Grill’s new menus. They change with each season. And on the Winter 2015 menu I found a divine new pairing, which comforts and warms this rainy day—the New Old Fashioned and the Lobster Stuffed Black and White Ravioli. Both the cocktail and the ravioli are highly recommended separately. And together, their flavor profiles are quite the match, as Managing Partner Michael Gambino suggested they would be.

Seasons 52’s novel take on an old fashioned cocktail arrives in a large low ball, over the rocks with a sidecar of Breaker bourbon. The bourbon is poured slowly over a mix of apple bitters, Cherry Heering, and an orange wheel. And the drink is topped with a dark Bordeaux cherry and a rock candy stick, which adds a touch of whimsy to this noble cocktail. Executive Chef Partner Jabari Nix’s new appetizer of lobster raviolis resting on a rectangular plate is served steaming. Three delicate, al dente white and black raviolis are filled with succulent, shredded lobster and are topped with roasted red peppers and shiitake mushrooms and drizzled with a lobster sherry sauce and chives. And although mine are minus the mushrooms due to allergy, the raviolis are perfection, mushrooms or not. I proclaim it to be my new dish at Seasons 52…until next season.

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