Sherri Ross Walters

Creator/Producer: Lindsay Garrett
Photographer: Kelly Steffey
Hair: MaryJane Clements
Make-up: Diana Bostick
Styling: Maacah Davis
Production Assistant: Katherine Dillard
Wardrobe: Renaissance Consignment & Marketplace
Location: Iron City Music Hall

Sherri Ros


If ever there was a woman who could be crowned Birmingqueen, it would be the one who does not simply stand by her city, but actively works to develop programs that enhance and diversify it. This woman would be a participant, a cheerleader, and an igniter. With projects under her belt such as Birmingham Dance Walk, Birmingham Girl’s Club, and her own personal adventure blog, Sherri Ross Walters is running away with this crown. She is inspirational in her endeavors, and infectiously positive in person, with a laugh that could put a twinkle in Vulcan’s eye. She has won the heart of our dear city with her immense affection and devotion to progress and community development, which is why we think Sherri Ross Walters is Birmingfamous.

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