Sneak a Peek: Heidi Elnora’s Creative Space

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Photography by Eric Dejuan


I have found that the most inspiring, creative people can also be the most unorganized. Some feel that the chaos gives them the inspiration to think creatively. For Heidi Elnora, owner and designer of heidi elnora bridal atelier, this is not the case. Clean lines and a clutter-free workspace inspire Birmingham’s own nationally recognized bridal gown designer.

Recently, I sat down with Elnora to discuss how she lets her creative energy flow while still maintaining an organized office and home. From her hectic business schedule to her personal life and keeping up with her two young boys, we take a look at how she keeps her life in motion.


Q&A with Heidi Elnora:

Q. As a creative person, do you need things to be organized or do you feel that some mess and chaos help the creative process? 

A. As a creative person, I prefer a calm and clean space to work.


Q. Is there one particular thing in your life that must to be organized?

A. My company, heidi elnora.


Q. We are both moms who run our own businesses, and I know that can be a struggle. What is the hardest part of that for you?

A. The hardest part about being a mom and running a business is making sure that I am all things to everyone all the time. Sometimes I let myself [get] run down, and then I am no good to anyone.


Q. What’s your best advice or tip on organizing?

A. My organizing tip is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. My office is compartmentalized into sections for specific job functions.


Q. How do you organize your time? 

A. I set priorities. I try to keep a to-do list of what must be done in that particular day. There is no way I can get everything done that needs to be done in a 24-hour day, so my to-do list just continues to grow.


Q. Are you a paper planner or electronic organizer type of person? 

A. I am both. I also store a lot of things in my brain so that they don’t get lost.


Q. Are you more organized at home or at work?

A. At work for sure. It is impossible to keep an organized home with a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.


Q. Even though I’m uber organized, I basically live in my car with two kids. After trying to conduct business, eat meals, help with homework, etc., it becomes the area in my life that’s the messiest for me. Do you have a space that you close the door to because it’s just not going to happen?
A. My bedroom is the messiest place in my world. The only person who sees it is my husband, and he completely understands.


Q. What are your thoughts on goal setting? Do you write them down or have a goal journal or dream board?

A. My goals stay in my head. They are constantly changing, so that’s the best place for them.


Q. Did you know this is how business and life would turn out for you? Did you plan it or were you just open to whatever happened next?
A. I have always dreamed and hoped that my business and life would turn out this way. I honestly just let God lead. He knows way better than I do what is best for me.


Q. If you could have The Amandas organize any space for you, what would it be? 

A. My home. Y’all come on over!


Q. Are you organized out or organized in? Meaning do you like it all neat and behind closed doors or out and displayed so that you can remember you have it? 

A. I am organized out. I have to see everything; otherwise, I forget about it.


Elnora is like most busy people when it comes to organizing their home lives versus their work lives. We tend to give priority to organizing urgent areas of our life and put other things, like our bedrooms, on the back burner. It is important to have a calm space to think, design, and create, but you also need a space to relax and get away from the hectic race of the real world. Creativity comes from within. When you have a clear mind, a clear space, and a clear plan, ideas will flow, and your life will have more order.

Elnora shows us that creative thinkers can be organized and even fuel off that organization to produce exceptional work. If chaos and clutter surround your workspace, try a little organization—It definitely works for Elnora.

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