Social Media Blogspot: The Biggest Loser Casting Call Tips Event on 4/8

B-Metro blogger Heather Brown of “My Live Well Loved” live broadcasts on social media The Biggest Loser Casting Call Tips Event on April 8, 2014 hosted by St. Vincent’s East.

4/7: Fun Announcement & The Biggest Loser

I’m so excited to announce that I am a B-Metro blogger! Just in case you haven’t heard of B Metro, it is a local Birmingham magazine that is the magazine of metro Birmingham living (as you might have guessed from the title ;) ). I will be covering some local events and reporting live at local events in Birmingham that I feel certain you all will want to know about.

My first assignment? Covering a Biggest Loser Casting Call Tips session hosted by St. Vincent’s East! Past winner,  Gina McDonald will be there sharing her insider tips on how to be selected to be a part of the show and information on what the show is really like. I for one, am super excited to hear her behind the scenes take on the show!

The Biggest Loser Season 16 casting will be held April 12, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. Birmingham, Ala., is one of only seven casting call locations nationwide.








What questions do you want to have answered about the show? Anything you’d like me to try to find out about the food, exercise, or Jillian for you while I’m there? Please leave your questions below in the comments before Tuesday night!


Live at The Biggest Loser Casting Call Tips Event























4/14: The Biggest Loser Interview with Gina McDonald

As I mentioned last week, I was honored to be asked by B-Metro to cover The Biggest Loser pre-audition tips session with season 14 winner, Gina McDonald, at St. Vincent’s East here in the Birmingham area. I took that opportunity to ask her about healthy meals she likes and got to interview St. Vincent’s East President and COO Michael Korpiel, as well as bariatric surgeon, Dr. Miles.

I was excited to learn about Gina’s healthy quick go-to meals, Dr. Robert Miles’ tips on healthy eating for weight loss (hint: he loves Clean Eating like I do), & Michael’s take on getting healthier in Birmingham and how St. Vincent’s East is trying to aid in doing just that.

In order to give you a bit more information about some of the tips and information I learned from these knowledgeable people, check out the videos below:



As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of Dr. Miles recommendation of low carb eating and lots of fresh, real foods! I wanted to high five him when he said it! Gina had an enthusiastic and excited tone to her and made you want to get to know her better. I’m thankful for the whole team at St. Vincent’s East for inviting me on behalf of B-Metro Magazine to come out and share this information with each of you!

This was the picture Gina used to land her a spot on The Biggest Loser and her motivational picture she keeps up now to reminder her of how far she’s come. Keep it up, Gina, a healthy lifestyle looks great on you!





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