Somica Spratley

Photographer: Kelly Steffey
Producer: Lindsay Garrett
Consultant: Mandi Rae
Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens



There are dark, mysterious corners of Birmingham where creative forces are conjured to entertain us with the unusual and untamed. In these shadows, you’ll find some of the Magic City’s most intriguing spirits. Emerging from the mist is Somica Spratley, a wickedly talented artist whose passion manifests through many mediums. She can be celebrated for her special effects makeup artistry contributions to several independent films, her entrancing fire dancing abilities, and her undeniable presence in the underground social scene. This year, Spratley is breaking new ground and taking on a mysterious autobiographical production, which is in production now. She is the color in the blood that pumps from the darkest part of our city’s heart, which is why Somica Spratley is Birmingfamous.

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