Splish, Splash in the Garden

Water features add a soothing nature to your landscaping.

by Charlie Thigpen   Photography by Chuck St. John

Water is essential for life. Maybe that’s why it’s soothing to hear running water in the garden. I’ve always thought a good garden can be enjoyed for its sounds as well as its sights. If you close your eyes and can’t hear the sound of water trickling in your landscape, it might be time to install a water feature.

Be Creative

With a little imagination, any planter or container can be used to make a fountain.  I recently designed and installed the one pictured here for a client. A large rustic  Strobile planter placed on an iron pedestal overflows into a buried catch basin where a pump re-circulates water back to the planter. The basin has a stone-covered grid that prevents leaves or debris from getting in the basin and clogging the pump. Flexible tubing runs from the pump up the back of the wooden fencing. The tubing is attached to a copper pipe on the front-side of the fence and pours a steady stream of water into the large planter. An old rusty pulley frames up the copper pipe and adds a design element to the feature.

Keep it Simple

You don’t have to build a stream, construct a waterfall or install an elaborate system in your landscape to enjoy the special sound of running water. You can create a subtle splash with a simple re-circulating wall or freestanding fountain that you just fill with water and plug in to a power source.

Water Fountain Benefits

We live in a fast paced, hectic world where no one is immune to stress. So let your garden become a sanctuary where the calming sound of water can offer you relief and relaxation. Moving water also attracts our fine-feathered friends which will add entertainment and enjoyment. So while planning your spring garden, consider incorporating a water feature. You’ll be glad you did and so will the birds.

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