Style Icon: Jerry La Suer

Senior Director and Founding Leader of Stella & Dot

Written & Styled by Tracy James

Stylist’s Assistant, Seline Meisler


“Does it sound pretentious to say that I don’t really have a style icon or celebrity whose sense of style I admire?” sixty-one year old Jerry LaSuer says, sitting in his 2nd Avenue downtown loft. “Does it? I’m worried that it does, and that’s so not me.” Instead, Jerry takes bits and pieces of inspiration from a variety of public figures. “For example, I love Adam Levine’s haircut,” Jerry says,”and I totally have it.” He adds, “I mean, I love his face and physique too, but you can’t exactly buy those! Don’t print that.”

In general, Jerry believes that men’s fashion in Birmingham is way too conservative, with very few willing to take a chance, instead preferring to “fit in” with what is perceived as traditional Southern style.  Jerry admits that, in the 1970’s, he was right there with them.  In college he was ultra preppy – think frat kid at Alabama in the early 70’s and he was the poster boy. “Today I don’t even own a light blue oxford button down shirt,” he says with relief.  Ever since Jerry was a child he has enjoyed looking his best, and he still does. But with age and maturity came a realization that getting dressed is, or can be, a form of non-verbal self expression and a creative outlet. Thus his style is much more eclectic than in early years, a blend of classic and contemporary, with a little edge.

The Stella & Dot accessories Senior Director and Founding Leader has been with the trendsetting social selling company (a term they coined) since its 2008 beginning, and is no stranger to trends himself. While checking the women’s fashion magazines to see all of the positive editorial press Stella & Dot is receiving, Jerry will peruse GQ and Details, his go to sources for what’s trending in men’s fashion. He receives all  of his magazines digitally, so that if he sees a look he admires, he can pop right over to the vendor’s website then. Even better is when he can duplicate a trend with existing items in his closet.  Last Fall when layering was big, and Details offered a fashion spread with really cool new ideas on the look, Jerry already had all the necessary pieces in his closet. “I totally rocked the trend without spending a dime – winner, winner, chicken dinner.” That said, Jerry is no slave to fashion. His #1 rule about trends is “If it doesn’t look good on me, I won’t wear it even if it is THE HOTTEST trend.”

Blue, green, and red loafers are Walk-Over by George E. Keith; orange tassel loafers are Marc Joseph New York, and the purple suede slip-ons are by Alan Payne.

Despite that precaution, Jerry can sometimes feel like he sticks out at parties because of his wardrobe choices. “I do get a lot of compliments, and I admit I like the attention” Jerry says.  “But I’m also pretty sure there are just as many people saying to themselves, “Look at that guy – can you believe what he is wearing?’ I just don’t let that bother me.”

While he does shop in Birmingham at Saks and J.Crew, Jerry loves to pick up unique items when traveling, especially in Paris, London and New York.  However, his favorite resource is shopping online. His latest score was a Façonnable navy double breasted sport coat from,  the French e-commerce company that pioneered the model of online flash sales. Originally $600, Jerru got it for $179,  “Let me define what a “killer deal” is to me,” Jerry explains. “It’s not just that it’s super marked down but it’s when I loved it enough to pay full price but get it super cheap.” He loves Armani, Michael Kors and Vince, as well as Donald J. Pliner shoes. Shoes and scarves could perhaps be deemed his personal style signature, two ways Jerry achieves a polished, finished look.

The bottom line is, Jerry doesn’t take his style too seriously. “Fashion is fun for me, and that’s what I’m embracing right now. Don’t be afraid to take chances; if you fail, you can try a different outfit tomorrow.”




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