Summer Spirits

Chill with Seasons 52’s organic vodka.  

By Jan Walsh    

Photography by Beau Gustafson


Seasons 52 Fresh Grill—located at The Summit—is known for its wine bar and an award-winning wine list. But don’t overlook their seasonal cocktails. Today we take a mid-afternoon break away from the summer sun in their cool, dimly lit bar and look over the seasonal cocktails menus. We select the Cucumber Basil Smash and Strawberry Basil Infusion. Both include Prairie organic vodkas. 

No unhealthy and unnatural GMO (genetically modified organisms) corn is used in making Prairie’s single vintage vodkas. Rather than herbicides, old-fashioned prairie fires naturally control unwanted weeds. And rather than pesticides, Prairie vodka counts on native birds and bats to consume their insect populations, making their fields complete ecosystems. Additionally, it takes three years to prepare each field before planting a single vintage organic corn seed. This allows the soil to cleanse itself from any contaminants and to regenerate its nutrient base. Once the fields are ready, they plant 25 feet of buffer crops, preventing chemicals from neighboring farms from contaminating their crops. Prairie vodka’s organic corn is also distilled to taste, rather than a predetermined number of times.

The quality of the vodka and other ingredients shine in every sip of our cocktails. The Cucumber Basil Smash arrives over the rocks. Slices of cucumber and basil leaves float throughout this big-bodied, thirst-quenching mix of Prairie organic cucumber vodka, white cranberry juice, agave, and fresh lime. The Strawberry Basil Infusion is shaken tableside and pour into a chilled martini glass. It is a slow, smooth sipper made with strawberry-infused Prairie organic vodka and agave nectar and topped with fresh basil. Cheers to organic vodka!

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