The 50 Grates!

Cheesy good.

by John-Bryan Hopkins

Spring is here! In with the old and out with the new…or is that the other way around? Grilled Cheese, Please! 50 Scrumptiously Cheesy Recipes by Laura Werlin – one of the nation’s foremost experts on cheese and an award-winning cookbook author – shares 50 deletable recipes that promote the grilled cheese sandwich from an old classic to a culinary show-stopper for fans of all ages. Needless to say these aren’t you mother’s grilled cheese sandwiches.
Oooey, gooey ribbons of melted cheese sandwiched between savory slices of butter-crisped bread have long been a source of emotional nurturing people across the globe. And although comfort food never loses its style , in good times or bad, it does indeed evolve. Now’s the time for a new spin on the satisfying sandwich of our childhood .
Grilled Cheeses, Please! offers a variety of recipes, from exotic grilled cheese to nostalgic, modern, ethnic, all-American, savory, and sweet. Eight chapters cover the gamut of new and exciting ways of reinventing this iconic dish.  My favorite are the “secrets” found in the restaurant and food trucks section. I found many “Ah Ha” moments here. Who knew mastering the perfect crispy crusts could be so easy?
Whether you are a novice or experienced chef, this book guarantees a culinary revelation for every kitchen.

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