The A-List: Schaeffer Spectacles


Photo by Beau Gustafson

His vision for supporting  two of our best local resources–our artists and our parks.

Dr. Jack Schaeffer has long been a Birmingham booster, an advocate for the people, places and things that enhance the community’s quality of life. The latest incarnation of that passion can be found at Red Mountain Park, a sculpture that speaks to Birmingham’s past and future in a creative vision from MESH Collective artists Heather Spencer Holmes and Forrest Millsaps.

The whole idea behind the art (which is promoted by a representation on a billboard on Red Mountain Expressway) is to raise awareness of the park’s value, to promote the park’s offerings through art.

“This project has really been about bringing people together to better Birmingham,” Schaeffer says. “Red Mountain Park is one of Birmingham’s greatest assets and Schaeffer Eye Center wanted to help support the mission of unifying communities through health and history.”

In addition to the sculpture, Schaeffer funded the Segway tours that allow visitors an exciting way to experience the nature of Red Mountain Park.

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  1. Alice A Gustafson says:

    Wonderful picture, the park has integrated sculpture with nature and the photograph is perfect with the doctor posed behind it. Beau did a great job.

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