Garage Punk: The Burning Peppermints

Burning Peppermints

Their sound: West coast-inspired psychedelic garage punk
For fans of: Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, The White Stripes

Take two parts White Stripes. Add in another part garage punk that makes you want to get up and move, and you have Dirty Rainbow!!, the 2015 album release from The Burning Peppermints. “I loved the visceral reaction acts like Thee Oh Sees created within me that made me want to jump and move and smash shit and scream,” songwriter Jake Wittig says. “I had never had music make me feel like that before, and I wanted everyone to hear it. That primal reaction is definitely one of the most psychedelic things you can experience because it’s like playing with the drugs inside your body, toying with adrenaline and dopamine and stuff.”

Wittig started the band playing White Stripes covers with his girlfriend but kept the name even after its musical direction shifted. “If I had never been exposed to Jack White, I don’t think I would’ve been able to muster up the confidence I needed to sing and play guitar in a band,” he says. White got his band’s color scheme from throwing a peppermint into a furance seeing what would happen, hence the name The Burning Peppermints. Today, Wittig is still the backbone of the band, with Daniel Powers (Jake’s friend from the Hoover High band) on keys, Ryan Colebeck on drums, and Ahmad Farzad on baritone guitar (he also produced Dirty Rainbow!!).

Their new album in the works, Witch Mountain, takes the idea of their first album and adds a more cerebral element. “When you peeled back all the energy, there (are) lyrics and sonic textures that not only make your heart race but also take your mind to somewhere you’d never been,” Wittig says. Like their earlier music though, it intends to take you to a destination, if, that is, you are ready to go. And it’s certainly still psychically exciting. In Ryan Coleback’s words, it’s “kinda like having a fever dream.”

If you didn’t catch the band at Sloss Fest (or even if you did), watch for news about their first “total immersion” concert experience later this year, along with the release of Witch Mountain.

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