The Gardener

seeds-of-loveOne of our greatest joys in life is when our children bring their families back “home.”  Hearing the five grandsons playing all over the house and watching my wife, Tee, be the nurturer and absolute best grandmother or “Memo” in the world is a blessing beyond description.

As we all finish our meal, the grandchildren leave the table and we just sit around talking, laughing and sharing childhood memories. This is such a fun time for us, and I hope your family has the same type of experiences when they get together.

I fully realize that each one of us is at different stage in life, and that there are many who are not able to experience this with family. But all of us have friendships and relationships that we need to be cultivating. Many times we just don’t make the time that we need to in order to grow those relationships. A concerted and specific effort to start investing in the people we love could make a generational impact. 

So, how do we start reaping positive fruit?

When planting a garden, no one just throws seeds up in the air in hopes that they land somewhere, take root and grow.  Every fruitful garden is a direct result of time, effort and care that is consciously and meticulously applied. Our children are like seeds that are given to us as a gift. Our family is the garden where they were planted. And we are the gardeners.

What will the fruit of your family’s harvest reveal?

Just remember that any good gardener has a daily regimen he goes through when tending to his crops.  If he loses focus and forgets about the things he has planted for any length of time, the garden will quickly turn into a bed of weeds. 

I’ve met with thousands of parents with the “regret” disease, who just give up because in their hearts there is no hope. Don’t fall into that trap!

For those of you who question whether you have time to make a difference—please know that it’s never too late to start cultivating your garden.  We can produce positive fruit as a parent if we set our minds to effecting change. It’s up to us to make up our minds that we want something different. If your childhood was not what it should have been, you do not have to repeat history. 

Please remember that it takes an abundance of time and energy to see the “fruit” of your labor—but the rewards will be well worth the effort.  Patiently focus on what you know is true—that you love your children more than anything. They need you!

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