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When Chad Hagwood bought this home in Greystone Crest, he was drawn to the Mediterranean style, the privacy of the neighborhood and the convenience of living just 15 minutes away from his office in Inverness. He says that as a bachelor, he’s a pretty low-maintenance guy and even bought the home fully furnished, so it was truly move-in ready.

But Hagwood did have visions for a grander backyard, taking full advantage of the spectacular view and adding a lot of outdoor amenities—from an infinity pool to an outdoor cabana. (There was already a private tennis court on site.) It is, in a word, spectacular—an inspiring place for Hagwood to decompress, enjoy a cup of coffee and read.

01So a couple of years later, when he approached Atlanta-based interior designer Mary McWilliams of Mary Mac and Company about helping him update a guest room, she knew right away that he was underestimating the possibilities—not just for the guest room, but the full interior of the home.

She called in Lovette Construction, founded by Clint Lovette, who was also the contractor for a common friend of McWilliams and Hagwood. “I brought Lovette to the table, and we sat down for a meeting with a complete floor plan of my vision for how great this house could really be,” McWilliams recalls. “And that meant a 100 percent remodel of everything but his master bedroom and bathroom.” Hagwood needed a moment to take it all in, she says, but “then he really started to realize that the back is so fantastic, we really should try to get the inside to equal the outside…that the two should be on the same level.”

Before long, Hagwood’s own wheels were spinning, and he realized that he had an opportunity—and the right team—to fulfill a vision that truly fit his personal style, down the last detail, and they hit the ground running. McWilliams teased out Hagwood’s own vision and used her own professional experience and resources to make it happen. “We went through stacks of fabrics, colors, and tear sheets of furniture, and Chad would say, ‘Yes, yes, no, no, yes, yes…’ He didn’t really ever know what was going to be on what; it was just a study of what he liked. And so I took it from there.”

02Hagwood likens the process to visiting the eye doctor: “It was like going to the eye doctor—is it one or two? Two or three? And we really narrowed it down in a pretty systematic way to the point that, that’s it. That’s what I’m looking for. And she knocked the cover off the ball with every little detail…and I’m very big on little details.”

Then McWilliams dove in. She oversaw an overhaul of the kitchen by combining Hagwood’s love of Mediterranean style and warm colors with a nod to the more contemporary—solid wood cabinets with a light gray glazed finish, quartzite countertops, a marble backsplash, and a custom hood. For the bathrooms, she had Lane Woodworking in Birmingham create custom-designed vanities, while Renaissance Tile in Atlanta did all the tile work.

But it’s hard to dispute that the great room is the piece de resistance. It began with McWilliams bringing in Brandon Ingram of C. Brandon Ingram Design, an architect based in Atlanta, to sketch out a vision for opening up the archway in the foyer. “Basically it was very closed down at the foyer door, and Brandon opened that up so as soon as you walk in, you see that entire gorgeous view beyond,” she says.

Inside the great room, the stone surrounding the fireplace and massive bookcases were ripped out completely, replaced by huge arched iron mirrors that Ingram designed, with detailing like rivets and mullions designed by McWilliams. “My thought was to clean up the areas with all the bric-a-brac and accessories—as a bachelor, he didn’t need all of that—and give Chad exquisite open spaces with a modern flair,” she says.

06The project—which won first place in the “Kitchens over $80K” category and was runner up for “Whole House Remodels $250K-$500K” for Lovette Construction—was all done in just a little over six months. The result bears little resemblance to the original home—every bit of furniture was replaced (with the original pieces gifted to friends, family or nonprofits), along with every fixture, rug and inch of fabric—but it fully reflects Hagwood’s tastes, and he’s still in awe of the change the different parties came together to achieve.

“I wanted it to be like a classic fine watch that nobody knows what you’re wearing,” Hagwood explains, “or a great suit that fits perfectly but no one knows what it is. And the team knocked the cover off the ball with every little detail.”

10McWilliams gives the credit right back to Hagwood, with his own exquisite tastes and openness to new ideas. “I think the key to the success of the whole project first started with the greatest client in the whole world, and that is Chad,” she says. “He really understood that my vision for him was to have something that almost feels like a resort when he comes home.

“So it was a dream job, truly.”

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