The Next New Thing

Predictably, I wish you a Happy New Year. Whether you rang in 2011 at a dance club throwing back lemon drop shots with everyone’s friend Irish Bob or if you stayed home watching Bridget Jones Diary and organizing your forks into cocktail and dinner, I hope it was grand. If the lemon drop was your choice, and you woke up asleep under the pool table at Marty’s, call me, I’ll come get you. I can understand your embarrassment.

This month, people around the world will be making New Year’s resolutions to reform bad habits or vow to make major lifestyle changes. Typically, the most popular resolutions are to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more and drink less alcohol.
Of the people who make New Years resolutions, about 20 percent will keep them. I wouldn’t dare make a resolution because the one time I did, it went so terribly awry that I considered legally changing my name and my doorman couldn’t make eye contact with me for three months. I wish I could tell you of this resolution, but the rules and regulations at B-Metro prevent me from doing so. As you stare down the beak of 2011, why not discard the idea of a resolution all together.
This year, make a commitment to try something new. If you’re single and exhausted with seeing the same faces on a weekly rotation, put your mug up on a dating website and do it today. For some, the stigma of online dating will paralyze them from actually trying it. It’s quite typical and very sad. For those of you who have been considering it, I think you should give it a go.
The highest activity rate for online dating sites is around the New Year, so you went from fishing your grandpappy’s catfish pond to bouncing around the Bay of Bengal. Here is the best part; you don’t have to tell anyone. It’s nobody’s business if you re-enact Riverdance for your Schnauzer on Sunday nights, so why should this be any different?
I know suggesting Internet dating might be strange advice coming from a matchmaker, but I really do want to see you happy. I want to see you try something new, I want to see you strolling Railroad Park hand in hand with that special someone and I want to dance at your wedding. I’ll bring Irish Bob. We’ll make your guests lemon drop shots, take them to Marty’s and teach them the Irish Step Dance.

For the past several years, Paget Pizitz had been working in New York as an executive recruiter in the fashion industry, when a chance meeting with a professional matchmaker in Manhattan led her to realize her true calling. Paget recently launched Connections, a boutique matchmaking firm specializing in long term, committed relationships. She is the only Alabama member of the Association of Professional Matchmakers, headquartered in New York.

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